Best Keyboard For Making Beats

Best Keyboard For Making Beats in 2021 – Buying Guide

Here, in this article, we are going to enlist the best keyboard for making beats in 2021 that helps you to produce music professionally in no time.

Everyone on the planet loves to play music while working, relaxing, or just lying on the bed. There is various type of music production by music composer that, you love to listen and sometimes encourage you to dance on it.

But do you know that a song that sings by singer or music created by a composer not alone provide the best music experience? Beat adds some extra fragrant in the music and gives some slothful music experience to the listeners. 

Producing beat is always a tough and most important task, it gives the music maximum suitability and extra spices in music.

Music composer uses various kind of keyboard to make a beat. A keyboard that makes beat it should be more effective and efficient for producing music.

There’re several kinds of keyboards available in the market that help you to make a beat with no time and little effort. But not all the keyboard is in your budget range or gives priority to quality.

That’s why it’s always a better choice to purchase a keyboard that makes in your budget and give maximum quality possible.

Best Keyboard For Making Beats

Our Top Picks Best Keyboard For Making Beats:

We created a list of best keyboard for making beats that give a glance of which keyboard is perfectly fit’s on your need and save some extra time in your pocket.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s directly jump into.

1. Akai Professional MPK Mini MK2 – Good Keyboard For Making Beats

Here is comes our first choice keyboard for making a beat. Akai provides a keyboard that comes with Hybrid 3 Air music technology that delivers high definition synthesizer that alone produces beat with digital manipulation capabilities. It comes with 25 various velocity-sensitive keys ad octave up and down buttons so you can easily access melodic range and experience a different type of beats in your hands.

Akai equipped with an innovative 4-way thumbstick for dynamic pitch and modulation MIDI control.  It also has 8 backlit velocities sensitive MPC drum pads with note repeat and full level of programming drums.

You can easily access this keyboard with its equipped software included: kai Pro MPC Essentials, SONiVOX Wobble, and Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech.

For mixing it has 8 fully assignable Q-link knobs and tweaking plugins.

Akai Professional is budget-friendly and reliable products that make your beat in a fraction of seconds.

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2. Novation SL MK III

The Novation SL MK III comes in two different key options: 49 and 61. The price for this different key will differ you can purchase it your own requirement. It comes with MIDI hardware and CV/Gate that synths together without hassle.

The best part about this keyboard it can easily integrate with any kind of DAW and give the best beat experience. Novation provides Ableton software for live music control so you won’t have to worry about beat while performing live concerts. It has an internal 8 track pattern based on a sequencer and gives the best beat outcome in no time.

Novation provides one roundtable clock for the whole keyboard system so you can easily all accessible requirements while making a beat.  With this keyboard, you’ll get a 3-year warranty along with all other Novation products.

The one part that we don’t like about this product, it does not compatible iOS software or iOS app.

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3. Yamaha Motif Xf8 88 Key – Best Piano Keyboard For Making Beats

The Yamaha Motif Xf8 was widely famous when first introduced in the market. It gains large popularity all over the world for its outstanding sound and kickass beats. The Motif XF8 has 88 full sizes, smooth and natural feel keys for making beat at your hands.

The Motif XF8 from Yamaha comes with Comprehensive high sound quality with 741 MB of waveforms along with 128 voices and 8 drum kits, that total of 1353 high-quality voices for any type of beats and music. It has also additional 2GB content through separately sold flash memory. And it has an XA (Expanded Articulation) tone generation system that helps you to perform unique instrument realization.

It also has VCM effects that reproduce unique, natural, and warm sounds vintage instruments. Yamaha gives 88 key balanced Hammer weighted action with initial and after-touch keyboard surface.

Yamaha motif8 is a perfect choice for those who love to play the piano and like to perform on live stages.

However,  there’s no doubt that this device earned its spot in our best piano keyboard for making beats 2021 lists.

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4. Korg Kronos

The Korg Kronos is always a great pick for among the composer and its product make beat extra smooth and light up music sound. And the Korg Kronos comes with a built-in recording studio.

It comes with 3 different key options: 61, 73 & 88. It depends on the user, which key set the best fit on their need. The Korg Kronos comes with 9 distinct sound engines that give an innovative way to make beats. It also has setlist mode with new cool updates. It has an SGX-2 Grand Piano Engine featuring the new Berlin Grand.

You can use this keyboard to produce any kind of beats but we also recommend it for pianists. It comes with a color Touch view display that now comes with super Touch Drag capability. Korg also provides it’s Kronos expansion sound libraries for a different type of music.

The Korg Kronos is ideally for those who don’t have a laptop to access the keyboard.

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5. Roland Fantom Fa 08 Music Synthesizer Workstation

The Roland Fantom comes with three different keys option: 61, 76 & 88, though, whatever ideally suits for you. The key has a light and mobile body that produce over 2000 sounds from the flagship Integra – 7 sound modules.

Roland Fantom is specially designed to maximize your creative flow and bring your ideas to life. The synth engine easily compatible with Integra-7. 16 track sequencer with no stop loop that helps you to make beat easy and quick. 

Roland Fantom is ideally keyboard for all those music lovers who are looking for a creative keyboard with a natural feel.

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6. Akai MPK 249 – Best MIDI Keyboard For Making Beats

The Akai MPK 249 comes with 25, 49, and 61 key option. It has a semi-weighted design and premium look with velocity-sensitive full-size keys that feel smooth and natural in every way.

The MPK 249 from Akai has 16 RGB illuminated MPC style pads along with 4 banks for 64 pads. It provides a solution for any type of triggering samples, one-shots, loops, melodics, and others. It also has 24 assignable Q-link controllers that easily comprising 8 control knobs, faders and switches engineered for easy mapping and included DAW, virtual instrument, and virtual effect control.

You can easily control all your command through MIDI equipment courtesy of an onboard USB-MIDI interface with 5-pin MIDI input & output. It has different types of controls included: Tam Tempo, Time Division, MPC note Repeat & Arpeggiator.

Akai provides Hybrid 3 and SONiVOX Twist for synthesis, it lets you create stunning sound at ease. Better yet, it also gets our vote as among the best midi keyboard for making beats 2021, especially from a value perspective.   

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7. Alesis VI61 61 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Alesis VI61 comes with different design options: Full-Color Screen & LCD screen along with premium look on the surface and backward.

The Alesis V161 MIDI keyboard controller is equipped with 61 full-sized, semi-weighted, Square front keys along with aftertouch. For Flexible MIDI connectivity, it has USB MIDI and 5 pins MIDI.

With this keyboard, you can easily play with plugin and instruments with your hands, open and close filters on virtual synthesizers, adjust volume level in your mix, activate effects, and many other controllable options.

For beat production, it has 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with illuminated RGB feedback. You can create clip-launching with trigger pads.

48 assignable buttons and 16 assignable knobs can easily work with any kind of software and give visible feedback with included LED screen visual feedback and illuminated buttons and knobs.

It has Ableton Live Lite and Xpand 2 by AIR Music Tech production software for music production. It works with both Mac and PC via USB powered cable and gives control to plug and play.

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8. Arturia Keylab 49 MK2 – Best Keyboard For Making Hip Hop Beats

This one is my favorite choice for making a beat. (Top secret: I actually used it.)

It comes with 49 keys, each with a great quality keyboard along with velocity and after-touch. It has 16 RGB backlit performances for connectivity.  it has USB cable and MIDI. Arturio offers you two different colors: Black and white.

Arturio is equipped with 9 large faders, 9 rotary encoders, 5 expressing control inputs, 4 CV output jacks. it comes with included analog lab software with 6500 synth sounds and other software like Ableton Live Lite, Piano V.

It can easily compatible with all types of software included in your devices. The best part, it can easily compatible with all types of digital audio workstations like Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, FL Studio, Bitwig, Cubase, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Studio ONE, etc.

Arturia Keylab is reliable, budget-friendly, and value for money keyboard that takes your beat making to the next level.

It’s a great combination of affordability and power, and that’s exactly why it’s one of the best keyboard for making hip hop beats.

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9. Native Instruments Komplete Control A49

The Native instruments one the modern and advanced keyboard that helps you to make a beat in every situation. Beat making is at its best when it’s fun, smooth, fast, and reliable. With this responsive and semi-weighted keyboard, you can find the right sound, reliable audio outcome, great performance, and stunning sound quality.

It equipped with four premium instruments along with MASCHINE Essentials, that help you to perform your ideas in front of your ideal audience. You can control all your virtual instruments and effects with ease.

With it 25, 49, or 61 semi-weighted keys option, choose the one that fit’s on your need.  Native instruments give control over all your favorite DAW at the touch of a button. 

All keyboards come with USB cable connectivity. To play it, you have to plug USB into your laptop. It can compatible with all types of devices and gives you maximum music experience in any device.

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10. M-Audio Oxygen 25 MK4 – Best Keyboard For Making Beats

The M-audio has a premium design look along with smooth keys experience. It has 25 full sizes, synth-action velocity-sensitive keys, and onboard pitch and modulation wheels for great performance. The keyboard controller is compact, ultra-portable, and easy to use a device that brings your ideas to life.

M-Audio has 8 velocity-sensitive trigger pads for beat production and clip launching and 8 assignable knobs for control virtual instruments. It has dedicated octave up and down buttons that increase the keyboard melody range to the full and allows you to control your DAW even without touching your mouse.

The innovative directing automatically controls to popular DAWs and other software like Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase. It has a plug and plays functionality for user-friendly access.

M-Audio can compatible with both PC and Mac, though, it provides comprehensive production software with the product.

However, there’s still no doubt that the M-Audio Oxygen 25 MK4 deserves its lofty spot on the best keyboard for making beats 2021 list.

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What’s the best midi keyboard for making beats?

According to me, the best midi keyboard for making beats will be one which is portable, budget-friendly and most importantly it should add extra fragrant to the music. I personally recommend Arturia Keylab 49 MK2, it is my personal favorite.

Can MIDI keyboard play without a computer?

The MIDI keyboard can be used without a computer, If you don’t use a computer, you have to use a tone generator (synthesizer) or something else.

Can a midi keyboard be used as a piano?

Yes, a midi keyboard can be used as a piano. You can learn to play the piano on a midi keyboard, but it is not ideal.

Where to buy a midi keyboard?

MIDI keyboard is available in the various market place like online and offline. For offline you can visit your nearest music store. But if you are interested in buying online, I would recommend you to buy from Amazon.


Making beat should be always a fast and fun way.  All the above keyboards help you to make beat infraction of the second and provide the best music outcome as soon as possible.

Now, we end our list for the best keyboard for making beats. It’s up to you which keyboard or key helps you to maximize your creativity and take your music to the next level.

If you’ve any query or question just type it on the comment section we always look back into it.

Create your next beat now!!!!

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