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Best Keyboards for Writers of 2021 – Buying Guide & Review

Keyboards are an important essential for anyone involved in writing. You ask a writer his requirement, the answer you get is a perfect keyboard. In today’s market, a lot of different keyboards are available, but we don’t buy without inspecting it right? There are many options available, we have chosen some of the best keyboards for writers 2021 and list them here for your convenience. Select the keyboard, which you feel is perfect to boost your work. Have a look.

Our Top Picks Best Keyboards for Writers 2021 :

1. Hyper X Alloy FPS RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Hyper X Alloy FPS RGB best keyboards for writers

Keyboard selection isn’t an easy task, everyone has a different preference. Some prefer burly keyboards that occupy much space while some prefer compact products for easy portability. Hyper X is a compact one. Though not tanky less, it has dedicated numeric keypad but lacks additional keys to customize. If you need an extra key, then this might not be your choice.

For your information, Hyper X comes from a trusted brand Kingston, which is renowned for the manufacture of RAM, SSD’s and other computer peripherals. Hyper X serves gaming purposes too. It has RGB backlighting which lets users use it in the dark and of course, these lights are customizable.

Alongside ultra-portable design, this keyboard also has a detachable cable which makes it easy to carry. The robust solid steel body and the mechanical keys are friendly enough to get used for long hours. This model is powered by silver speed mechanical switches. The keyboard lacks wrist rest or any additional peripherals, though users can externally add according to choice. These features make it one of the best keyboards for writers 2021.

[su_box title=”Features”]1. Silver speed keys feels easier than regular and makes less noise

2. Compact profile Keyboard

3. RGB lighting fully customisable with software

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2. Redragon K552 Red LED Back-lit Mechanical Keyboard

Redragon K552 Red LED best keyboards for writing 2021

According to some newbies, mechanical keyboards are very expensive, but it’s not. The cost of each key is high but marketers either use cheaper keys or sell them in bulk to reduce the price of mechanical keyboards drastically. This Redragon product costs less than 40$ and is endowed with Cherry MX Blue equivalent switches. The contrast appears that it’s not actual Blue switches, but an equivalent one, making the selling price lower.

The keyboard comes in different design, one has a red backlight, a pure white, RGB backlight and RGB backlight with white keys. The pure white isn’t as stylish as others but serves performance, it is a completely individual preference. Moreover, this best keyboards for writers is a tenkeyless one, lacking the number pad paving way for compactness. It can be used on the lap without consuming desk space.

By default, the Red LED backlight with black keys costs the least among other varients, buyers with a tight budget should opt for it. A total of 87 keys are present on the keyboard and the replica keys are almost the same as blue keys but with a shorter life. There are 12 multimedia keys for easy access though not completely waterproof, this model can withstand an accidental splash of water.

[su_box title=”Features”]1. Compact ten keyless design

2. Easy portability

3. Red backlight reduces cost than original Cherry blue keys

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3. Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard

best laptop keyboards for writers

Corsair is a leading brand in manufacturing gaming consoles. They traditionally were PC parts manufacturing, they make power supply units, RAM and PC cabinets. That’s more of PC things, let’s focus on keyboards. Corsair makes some of the best keyboards for writing to meet the requirement of writers. The external view of this keyboard will make you notice it’s hand-built quality. While other keyboards use low-quality plastics, Corsair K55 uses a sturdy steel frame. This might add to its weight but pretty useful for fast typers as it doesn’t move from its position. It will not be an ideal choice for lightweight keyboard users.

This keyboard has an entire line of macro keys on the left side which can be used for shortcuts and are completely customizable. You can use these keys to make shortcuts for Microsoft Word, Notepad, Calculator or writing software such as Final Draft.

The keyboard also has 10 pre-defined lighting effects ranging from the usual rainbow to the raindrop pattern. If you want to add other variants, it’s solely upon your choice. Moreover, this keyboard uses membrane keys that are subtle to touch and not exactly as mechanical keyboards. Such an idea reduces the overall cost of the keyboard without degrading quality. The important feature to get mentioned is the wrist rest which lets you comfortably type for long hours. Another thing that the keyboard got is anti-ghosting multi-key presses which let you press multiple keys simultaneously without missing on key or the other.

Better yet, it also gets our vote as among the best keyboards for writing 2021, especially from a value perspective.

[su_box title=”Features”]1. Customisable RGB backlight.

2. More reprogrammable keys making a total of 110 keys.

3. Wrist rest boosts comfort.

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4. Hexgears Impulse Mechanical Keyboard

laptop with best keyboard for writers

From the list of best keyboards for writers with RGB lighting, this Hexgears product might be a unique mechanical keyboard with no tag of gaming but got awesome eye-catchy backlighting. Experts too reviewed this as best for writing because of its appealing design which resembles retro typewriters and keyboards used back in the ’90s. The white and grey keycaps used in the keyboard give an evocative touch of older days IBM which had a comprehensive design. Along with the modern touch of RGB backlight makes it a perfect choice for some buyers.

This keyboard is equipped with alpha keycaps and bose white switches, a bit different look from Cherry MX keys and are the cheaper alternatives of them, of course, providing the mechanical key experience. The keyboard is priced accordingly to performance and quite affordable.

Furthermore, the lighting modes can be personalized per key if required for an artistic finish. The choice of colors would be yours in contrast with the subtle white design. Not only this feature, but this keyboard also got two different stages of height for being suitable for all postures. This feature has got some advantages for writers to type faster and end your task soon. This best keyboards for writing has an IP56 water resistance rating, making it splash-proof, do care not to wash it. The PBT keycaps are built two-shot extra durable to not wear out soon.

[su_box title=”Features”]1. Exquisite design.

2. Purable keycaps.

3. IP56 water-resistant.

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5. Ralon Mechanical Retro Keyboard

best keyboards for writers 2021

If you are born in the ’90s then you might have seen typewriters or maybe in the old movies even now and then. Such typewriters are now modern-day keyboards that we use on a daily basis. Those typewriters used to be loud and had long keys and provided satisfaction once your task was done. This Ralon Mechanical Retro Keyboard gives a glimpse of those olden days’ memories with its unique design in the field of modern keyboards.

To get the authentic feel, this best keyboards for writing 2021 is endowed with mechanical blue switches. Users get the highest level of tactile feedback and the noisiest product on our list. The keycaps are round white in color and bordered by a steel cover. You get a pleasant experience typing in this keyboard as it can tickle your creative thinking thus delivering you with new ideas. Being large in size it cannot be carried but adapts best for desk setup.

A total of 104 keys are there in the keyboard with that anti-ghosting feature which records every depression. The dedicated multimedia keys make your work very handy. The keyboard gains much weight from its metal base and the ABS keyboard rest. This might give a lefty feeling but the retro experience you get vanishes this fell. Take care not to use the keyboard in public places where people might get annoyed by its noise.

However, there’s still no doubt that the Ralon Mechanical Retro Keyboard deserves its lofty spot on the best laptop keyboards for writers list

[su_box title=”Features”]1. Nostalgic 90’s design.

2. Steel frame and blue keys.

3. Backlighting and dedicated keys.

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6. Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite

Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite

We generally find keyboards in a rectangular shape and a straight finish. But this is not the case with this Microsoft product, it’s curve design has advantages for many people. After extensive research, it has been found that most people have a slightly curved hand position, but they have to suffer from straight ones which result in wrist pain occurring from prolonged typing. Microsoft is one of the brank recognizing this difficulty and bringing you the curved keyboard, an unconventional solution to the aforesaid problem. This best laptop keyboards for writers from Microsoft stands tall in terms of build quality, design, and feasibility.

In this keyboard, the entire alphabet layout is split into two parts making both hands rest on either side. The indicator light is placed in the gap to utilize that space. The numeric keypad is on the right side without any curves for frequent excel users to get the job done with the least turnaround. All other keys are on the top and are ergonomically curved for the effortless task.

This new design has got advantages, users must have the patience to get used to this design if they have been using those rectangular keyboards. Microsoft named it a natural keyboard because of its wavy design and comfort enhancement. Moreover, the dedicated multimedia keys control other essential functions. In addition to the USB port, this keyboard also has a retro PS/2 port, if you like to use it. The white finish of the keyboard gives an IBM keyboard look and nostalgic feeling for some.

However, there’s still no doubt that the Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite deserves its lofty spot on the best keyboards for writers list.

[su_box title=”Features”]1. White finish without LED backlights.

2. Mechanical keys which lasts for years.

3. Ergonomically curved design.

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7. Logitech K350 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech K350

It’s not mandatory to have a mechanical keyboard for writing as there may be other options available at a cheaper price. These days you might choose among Cherry MX Blue, Red, Speed or Silent switches, all of them having a variety of tactile feedback.

Moreover, in the case of wireless, you can move the keyboard anywhere in your desk without any issue of the connected wires. Once you plug the wireless receiver to your desktop or laptop and it is on, the Logitech K350 2.4GHz wireless gives similar experience as others.

Logitech is a trusted brand known for its excellent quality keyboard and mouse design, working hard for decades. Like the previous Microsoft Keyboard, it is a too curvy designed product with a pleasing look and lots of features to explore. In addition to usual keys, it has large buttons for making tasks easy like, multimedia keys for play/pause and volume up/down, or opening browser and that too all are customizable.

No doubt this best laptop keyboards for writers can be definitely used for gaming purposes too. Logitech prepares some high-end devices like Corsair but at cheap rates. On the wrist, there is a rubber grip to provide comfort to your hands. The unifying receiver can be used in a range of Logitech wireless peripherals. Furthermore, the battery lasts for three years on regular usage.

[su_box title=”Features”]1. Curvy ergonomic design.

2. Lots if additional keys.

3. Wireless battery life upto 3 years.

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8. Corsair K63 Wireless Keyboard

Corsair K63 best computer keyboards for writers

Corsair is a well know brand producing a wide number of computer peripherals including the keyboard. This product is a wireless one from a huge collection. The keyboard is equipped from Cherry MX Red keys which are not noisy like blue switches.

The writer prefers this keyboard due to its wrist rest and additional buttons for an easy task. The buttons are customizable fir user requirements.

The USB port is provided for connection and features ultra-fast 1ms response and 2.46GHz wireless technology. The design is portable and tenkeyless and has other modes of connection like low latency Bluetooth and USB connection.

The Corsair K63 works seamlessly with the Corsair iCUE software and uses a blue backlight. Besides choosing vibrant per-key backlighting, there is a wide range of patterns. Moreover, this best keyboards for writing is compatible with Xbox and 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover. The window’s keylock mode on the top of the keyboard prevents accidental windows and context menu keypress.

[su_box title=”Features”]1. Cherry MX Red switches

2. Detachable wrist rest.

3. Colourful backlights.

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9. Havit Mechanical Keyboard

Havit best keyboards for writers

This keyboard is an ultra-thin, light-weighted keyboard with compact and concise design. Its look is more appealing and esthetic. This keyboard also has RGB lighting which is preferred for gaming. Due to its shape and weight, it is more convenient than most traditional mechanical keyboards. The RGB backlight modes and its glows are preferable for using it in dark.

The HAVIT keyboard has detachable USB to micro cable and it is fully compatible with all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s portable and driver-free, just plug in and you’re on.

There are a total of 104 keys with N-key rollover and Windows key lock, delivering precision and a great experience.

These are some of the compelling reasons why the Havit Mechanical Keyboard belongs to our best keyboards for writers like, and its slim, sleek design is the least of them.

[su_box title=”Features”]1. RGB backlighting

2. Ultra thin and light weight.

3. Ergonomic design.

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10. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard

Another product from Corsair has an aluminum frame and much more durable than other ordinary keyboards. It has multicolor backlighting per key which gives a colorful artistic touch to the keyboard. The best-in-class keyboards are made of innovative light edge technology. It has a light bar at the top edge which gives an elegant look.

The keycaps are Cherry MX mechanical switches with anti-ghosting and full key rollover which ensure to register simultaneous keystrokes. It also has detachable dual-sided soft-touch wrist rest which provides comfort and enhances performance. You need to choose between two different surfaces for optimal comfort. A trademark to mention is that the keyboard has 8 MB onboard storage which can store up to 3 profiles.

There are additional 6 programmable G keys numbered from 1 to 6 textured to find than easily and contoured so that you don’t press them accidentally.

Simply that you can get your work done then effortlessly with this Corsair K95, making it one of the best keyboards for writing lists.

[su_box title=”Features”]1. Cherry MX mechanical key switches with gold contacts.

2. Dedicated media control with oversized volume knob.

3. Instant sleep button to save energy.

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11. Das Keyboard 4 Professional

best keyboards for writer 2021

The Das Keyboard is a leading keyboard brand in the world. It is the best keyboards for writers. It looks premium and gives a smooth typing experience. The new features and design make this keyboard a superior choice for a writer.

Das Keyboard 4 is built-in USB 3.0 ports. It offers Cherry MX Blue or Cherry MX Brown switches.

The Das gives new oversized volume knob and dedicated media controls on the top right side just above the number pad. It also included dedicated hardware media, sleep controls, and sturdy construction and aluminum top panel.

Das Keyboard 4 professional is best for typing experience and gaming. It’s a great combination of affordability and quality, and that’s exactly why it’s one of the best laptop keyboards for writers.

[su_box title=”Features”]1. 8 MB internal space

2. Extra customisable buttons.

3. Robust built design.

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12. Jelly Comb Foldable Pocket Size

 Jelly Comb Foldable Pocket Size

Jelly Comb keyboard foldable keyboard is if best for you if you are a freelance writer or like to work on traveling.

The jelly foldable design is extremely thin and lightweight which makes it the best choice for travel and business trip.

This keyboard has a high sensitive touchpad but it cannot be used in IOS systems.

The battery life of this keyboard is not as good as compare to other models. Though 2 hours of charging gives up to 560 hours’ work.

[su_box title=”Features”]1. Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard.

2. Easy Pairing, automatically connects after the very initial pairing.

3. Light to carry around, about 5.6 Ounce.

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13. Dell KB216 Wired Multimedia USB Keyboard

Dell KB216 Wired Multimedia USB Keyboard

Dell is a leading brand in electronic and computer devices like laptops, desktop, and other accessories.

The KB216 from Dell is the dell best keyboards for writers with a smooth typing experience. This is the cheapest keyboard you ever get at this price.

This keyboard has volume, mute, play/pause, the backward, forward key that makes this keyboard easy to use in a work environment.

Dell KB216 has palm rest that is available for separate purchase.

Dell gives a 1-year replacement warranty if the keyboard doesn’t work well.

This keyboard is best for everyday home and office work but it not best for the gaming experience.

But if your budget is low then this keyboard is a top-notch choice for you.

There’s no doubt that Dell KB216 earned its spot in our best keyboards for writing list.

[su_box title=”Features”]1. Hot keys function: volume, mute, play/pause, backward, forward.

2. Cable Length : 1.8 meter, Interface Type : USB.

3. Colour : Black, Weight : 413 Grams.

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14. Logitech K230 Best Keyboards for Writers

Logitech K230 Best Keyboards for Writers 2021

This is our second Logitech keyboard for our list of best keyboards for writers 2021.

The Logitech K230 is the cheapest wireless keyboard with the best functions. K230 is 36 percent smaller than other Logitech standard keyboard with all the standard keys.

Its stylish black color body looks attractive and aesthetic.

This K230 keyboard connects with your Wi-Fi at a fast 2.4 GHz speed. The smooth keys of this keyboard make your typing work more easy and smooth.

The K230 comes with auto sleep features that conserve your battery for a long time.

The keys are noise-free so you can work silently without any unwanted noise.

[su_box title=”Features”]1. The compact keyboard is about 36 percent smaller than our standard keyboards but still has all the standard keys.

2. Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless lets you work or play anywhere..

3. Extended Battery life plus Auto-Sleep features.

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Conclusion of Best Keyboards for Writers:

Writers over here searching for keyboards must know that choosing the best keyboards for writers seems simple but it’s not. Don’t be hasty and choose what you like and what within your budget. Make sure to take into consideration all the factors and features before jumping to a decision.

With so much choice out there, it can be hard to make the right buying decision. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to the best laptop keyboards for writers 2021 you can find today.

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