Best Monitor For Overwatch Of 2021

Every youngster is aware of the most popular game Overwatch which has linked millions worldwide. It is a team-based first-person shooter game that requires aiming skills and tactics in an online battle arena. The game has stunning graphics and is fast-paced, so regular monitors won’t be able to process it as it should be. Thus it creates the necessity of a better monitor that is able to rank you up in the game. For this purpose, you have to choose a monitor having all the requisite features for Overwatch and also comes within your budget. 

As said above some features like refresh rate, response time, input lags, FreeSync technology, and more are needed to care about while choosing a monitor. This detailed guide consists of the best monitor for overwatch, scrolling through our guide will help you choose your desired monitor as early as possible rather than searching among thousands of monitors available in the market. 

Features Of Best Monitor For Overwatch In Details:

1. Refresh Rate – Overwatch is a fast-paced game and it demands faster refresh speeds to keep up the pace otherwise the game will lag and make it unable to play smoothly. Refresh rates of 240 Hz are used by professional gamers to never miss a shot.

2. Response Time and Input Lag – Response time indicates how fast a pixel can go from black to white and back again while input lag measures the delay between command and action. Having a 1ms response time and input lag lets you achieve smooth motion without any ghosting or smearing. 

3. Display Resolution – Various resolutions are available today like quad HD, 4K, Full HD, etc. Playing Overwatch doesn’t require a 4k Display rather than a Full HD one is enough for it. A resolution of 1900x1080pixels is a must on a 144Hz refresh rate or more. Remember better resolution brings more life-like and crisp images. 

Our Top Pics Best Monitor For Overwatch:

We have enlisted the best monitor for overwatch for you that will give you the ultimate experience. Our team of experts has done extensive research and have come up with a list of these monitors with endless features.

1. ASUS TUF VG279QM – Best Monitor For Overwatch

Best Monitor For Overwatch

The ASUS TUF is undoubtedly an amazing machine ideal for playing fps games like Overwatch because of its superior features like the 280Hz OC refresh rate and extremely low motion blur (ELMB) Sync that eliminates motion blur and adaptive sync simultaneously. Alongside it, the NVIDIA G-Sync technology comprising variable refresh rates assures a seamless gaming experience from your system’s graphics card. 

The monitor runs on a vibrant IPS panel to deliver dynamic image quality. Along with a 72% NTSC colour gamut and 1000:1 contrast ratio, it offers outstanding visuals and remarkable viewing angles of 178° without any distortion and colour shift. HDR technology is capable of producing the brightest whites and darkest blacks than traditional monitors. 

With 1ms GTG fast response time smearing and motion blurs are completely eliminated. ASUS Dynamic shadow boost automatically clarifies dark areas to spot enemies hidden in shades. The flicker-free and ultra-low blue light technology minimizes eye strain and prevents eye damage during long gaming sessions. 

It has a 27-inch screen with a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080. This somehow results in low pixel density, the only downside we find in the monitor.  Nevertheless playing Overwatch on the monitor will be a remarkable experience every time as many pros find individual pixels advantageous as they are more distinguishable for accurate aiming. The monitor has an ergonomic stand that supports height adjustment, swivel, pivot, and tilt and is also rich in connectivity including a display port and HDMI.

However, there’s still no doubt that the ASUS TUF VG279QM deserves its lofty spot on the best monitor for overwatch list.

  • Incredible 280 Hz OC refresh rate
  • Fast gaming performance
  • IPS panel for vibrant and accurate colors
  • ASUS ELMB Sync for added motion clarity
  • Low pixel density

2. HP Omen X27

HP Omen X27

The Omen by HP is one of the first gaming monitors with a 240Hz refresh rate having a WQHD resolution of 2560×1440. The TN panel provides more than it is to make Overwatch players enjoy crystal clear picture quality without any compromise on the refresh rate. This HP product is obviously a renowned product used by many professional players during competition and HP was also an official sponsor for the game. 

More resolution brings more pixel density on the large screen to maintain image quality crisp and detailed. The widescreen of the 27-inches LED display gives you more real estate for any of your needs. The HDR technology makes brighter whites and darker blacks with a 90% DCI colour spectrum and a peak brightness of 400 nits.  The downside of the monitor is the use of pulse-width modulation that regulate brightness and is not flicker-free. Although with the presence of ambient lighting you might suffer headaches at times. 

Owing to the impeccable input lag performance, the monitor creates a fast response time of 1ms for an anti-ghosting and blur-free gameplay.  The excellent response time overcomes the absence of motion blur reduction technology and ensures you won’t ever trail behind fast objects. The monitor supports AMD FreeSync technology that gives a wide variable refresh rate of 48Hz to 240Hz with a compatible graphics card to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering with a minimal penalty on input lag. 

Finally, the monitor also has an ergonomic stand that is able for custom adjustment to provide a comfortable viewing position. HP also provides a 1-year limited warranty on the product for peace-of-mind coverage.

  • Detailed Quad HD display
  • Fast gaming response
  • AMD FreeSync 2 HDR
  • Non-flicker-free display

3. ViewSonic XG270 – Best 240Hz Monitor For Overwatch

Best 240Hz Monitor For Overwatch

The ViewSonic XG270 is a widely acclaimed monitor for its achievement of remarkable motion blur reduction performance powered by PureXP+. It essentially uses backlight strobing to minimize perceived ghosting and motion blur while reducing maximum brightness. It guarantees you won’t ever miss your enemy in fast-moving pictures. 

The IPS display has an ultra-fast response time of 1ms GTG and a 240Hz refresh rate that enables smooth screen transitions that is the most substantial requirement of Overwatch. Meanwhile being G-sync compatible the monitor eliminates artefacts, screen tearing, and input lags for an immersive gaming experience.  The PureXP+ enabled users to get awesome colour reproduction with vibrant and illuminated visuals alongside superb motion clarity. The monitor also comes with a low-blue light filter and flicker-free technology to protect your sensitive eyes from long hours of screen watching. 

The XG270 has a 27-inch screen with a Full HD display resolution of 1920×1080. Well, this monitor has low pixel density but sitting slightly away from the monitor won’t let you distinguish between pixels. Further, while playing Overwatch users can also enable some anti-aliasing to eliminate the dreaded staircase effect.  

Built with gamers in mind the frameless design is useful for multi-monitor setup and the slim bezel IPS panel ensures you won’t miss a scene at far-off angles. A built-in mouse bungee, ELITE RGB ambient lighting, sight shields, and headphone hook are its additional features. The ergonomic stand provides further comfort for marathon gaming sessions.

Better yet, it also gets our vote as among the best 240hz monitor for overwatch, especially from a value perspective. 

  • Vibrant IPS panel
  • Fast gaming performance
  • Remarkable motion blur reduction
  • Low pixel density

4. Acer XF252Q

Acer XF252Q

The Acer XF252Q has one of the latest iterations of the 240Hz refresh rate and 0.2ms fast response time on the TN panel. Standard monitors for Overwatch offer a 1ms response time but this monitor comes packed with all the crucial features that are able to make your gameplay better. The rapid refresh rate shortens the time for frame rendering thereby reducing input lag and the fast response time renders smoothly even the fastest moving actions or dramatic transitions. 

The monitor is provided with AMD Radeon FreeSync technology that syncs the frame rates of the monitor with the system graphics card to eliminate screen tear. Alongside this, the motion blur reduction and Game view technology provide the ultimate gaming experience. A decent brightness of 250 nits with the help of backlight strobing at 240Hz is a commendable feature. 

Users enjoy high-quality visuals and excellent details on the 27-inch monitor with a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The HDR creates deeper levels of blacks and whites to produce realistic images. Further, the monitor does not compromise pixel density by making the viewable screen 24.5- inch. 

The Zero frame design gives it a dashing look and also serves a multi-monitor setup better than other conventional monitors. The monitor also includes two speakers and has lots of connectivity ports including DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB ports. 

  • Excellent overdrive implementation for ultra-fast response time
  • Good motion blur reduction
  • High pixel density
  • Can’t enable motion blur reduction simultaneously with adaptive sync

5. Dell Alienware AW2518HF – Best 240Hz Monitor For Overwatch

Best 240Hz Monitor For Overwatch

Beginners who are trying their hands on Overwatch should try out this machine from a renowned l brand the Dell. The Dell Alienware AW2518HF packs almost all the features required to climb the ranks in Overwatch. It has a Full HD TN panel that offers a 240Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync technology, and a fast response time of 1ms. 

With flawless input lag performance and quick response time gaming on this monitor would be a wonderful experience. You can’t feel the responsiveness and precision of the monitor until you start using it. The AMD FreeSync technology synchronizes the refresh rate of GPU to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering with minimal input lag penalty. 

Ultra-thin bezel and solid stylish look described by the 25-inch screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 and 16:9 aspect ratio. The TN panel produces crisp and undistorted images that are rich in colour and the features of Dell goes without saying. The preset gaming modes don’t require you to leave the game for changing settings rather than you can control them while gaming. 

The ergonomic stand allows 4-way adjustments for a comfortable view during long gaming sessions. It also keeps in check the unnecessary tangling of wires and adds a modern look to the monitor. The connectivity options include DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB ports.

  • Fast gaming performance
  • Good image calibration
  • Ergonomic design
  • Poor viewing angles
  • Inferior color accuracy

6. Acer Predator XB271HU

Acer Predator XB271HU

The Acer Predator XB271HU has a 27-inch IPS Quad HD display with a resolution of 2560×1440. It gives you vivid images on a 144Hz refresh rate screen that minimizes motion blurs. Further, you can overclock the refresh rate to 165Hz and various other refresh rates as per the requirement of the game to make motion smoother. 

The monitor is NVIDIA G-Sync certified which ensures to eliminate graphics distortions forming on the screen that too at variable refresh rates with minimal input lag. The fast response time of 4ms makes outstanding pixel transitions and eliminates any ghosting or motion blurs. Performance-wise this monitor is gaming ready with all exclusive features ASUS embedded in it. The monitor has a flicker-Free backlight and an integrated low-blue light filter to make itself eye-friendly to players who are sensitive to flickering. 

Acer Predator XB271HU has some wonderful colours as expected from an IPS panel, it creates wide-viewing angles without any distortion. Sharp and vibrant picture quality without any scaling and more screen real estate makes it a perfect gaming monitor. The NVIDIA Ultra-Low motion blur technology supported by the monitor uses backlight strobing to bring peak brightness without any compromise in performance. 

The Acer Predator XB271HU gaming monitor also features a game plus hotkey for in-game enhancements. The adjustable ergonomic stand makes users choose their perfect viewing position and angles. Its connectivity features include DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB ports.

  • Excellent 165Hz refresh rate
  • NVIDIA G-Sync certified
  • Vibrant IOS panel
  • Slow response time

7. Dell S2719DGF – Best Monitor For Overwatch

Best Monitor For Overwatch

Another product from Dell, it’s the Dell S2719DGF having a 144Hz refresh rate on a TN panel that tries to achieve the fastest possible response time and excels out in fast-paced games like Overwatch. Further, the refresh rate is overclockable to 155Hz for enhanced game performance. The AMD FreeSync technology helps create super smooth visuals to let users enjoy vivid edge-to-edge gameplay on crisp QHD resolution. 

Though the infamous TN panel is undeniably not free from issues like narrow viewing angles and inferior colour accuracy this monitor still holds the prerequisite to become one of the best monitors for playing Overwatch. The monitor has a screen size of 27-inch with a resolution of 2560×1440 that provides a more dense and detailed display with more screen real estate. 

The monitor has a great input lag performance that gives a highly responsive experience. The ultra-fast response time of 1ms further eliminates input lag that creates noticeable trailing. Alongside this the FreeSync technology eliminates screen tearing to provide an amazing gaming experience. 

The ergonomic stand of the monitor allows tilt, pivot, swivel, and height adjustments for any comfortable viewing position. Moreover, the integrated Flicker-free backlight and low-blue light filter protect your eyes from harmful flickering and blue light that cause headaches and eye strain. The monitor also includes a security lock and lots of connectivity ports like HDMI< USB, DisplayPort, and headphone port. 

There’s no doubt that this mobile workstation earned its spot in our best monitor for overwatch list. 

  • Decent 155Hz OC refresh rate
  • Quad HD resolution
  • Fast gaming performance
  • Poor viewing angles
  • Inferior color accuracy

8. Acer Nitro VG271

Acer Nitro VG271

The Acer Nitro VG271 has a 144Hz refresh rate on a TN panel and possesses a sleek and elegant design with slim bezels that give it a professional gaming look. The model is known for its fast response time of 1ms and input lag performance required for Overwatch. The 144Hz refresh rate delivers an ultra-smooth 2D motion by reducing frame rendering time and lowering input lag. 

The monitor has a 27-inch screen with a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 and a 16:9 aspect ratio. You get stunning, high-quality images with excellent detail and the 6 axis colour adjustments lets you choose among the highest standard of the colour of the display. The Zero frame design saves more screen space and allows the setup of a multi-monitor system. 

The AMD Radeon FreeSync technology provided by the monitor eliminates stuttering and tearing by syncing the monitor’s frame with graphics card frames for a smooth experience. Further, the fast response time renders smoothly any fast-moving scenes or dramatic transitions without any effects like smearing or ghosting. 

The AcerVisionCare technology reduces eye strain and provides a comfortable long viewing session by minimizing annoying screen flickering and straining blue-light. Additional features of the monitor include 2 multimedia speakers and lots of connectivity ports like DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI. 

  • Sleek design
  • Fast gaming performance
  • Poor viewing angles
  • Inferior color accuracy

9. BenQ Zowie XL2411P

best monitor for overwatch

The BenQ Zowie XL2411P is a Full HD 144Hz monitor that is specially designed for hard-core gamers. The fast refresh rate of 144Hz provides a smooth gaming experience over DP and DVI-D. It has a 24-inch screen and due to its proportion, it offers excellent pixel density. 

The exclusive features the monitor includes are colour vibrancy and a black equalizer. The adjustable feature of adding saturation level helps to find small targets and makes tracking easy. While the black equalizer will never make you fall into enemy traps by increasing the visibility in dark scenes without overexposing the remaining bright areas. The monitor comes well-calibrated out of the box and requires no further calibration

The monitor is height adjustable just with the touch of fingers to fit in the most comfortable position along with swivel, tilt, and pivot. It is also VESA enabled in case you wish to save desk space and hung it onto the wall. The connectivity options of the monitor include DisplayPort, DVI-D, Dual-link, HDMI, and headphone jack.

  • Fast gaming performance
  • Excellent motion blur reduction
  • Useful black equalizer
  • No adaptive sync technology
  • Poor viewing angles

10. ASUS VG248QE – Best 144Hz Monitor For Overwatch

Best 144Hz Monitor For Overwatch

The ASUS VG248QE employs a TN panel to provide optimal gaming performance. It has a 144Hz refresh rate that provides smooth motion even in most chaotic action scenes by reducing frame rendering time and lowering latency between the monitor and the system. Further, the 1ms response time eliminates tracers thus ensuring fluid and clear video playback. 

This gaming monitor has a 24-inch Full HD LED-Backlit display with a resolution of 1920×1080. It delivers crisp and clear visuals in both 2D and 3D. The 80M:1 ASUS Smart Contrast ratio and 350nits brightness produce life-like images with darkest blacks and brightest whites. The downside of the monitor is the lack of a flicker-Free screen, it uses pulse width modulation to regulate brightness. Further, the absence of FreeSync is quite depressing but you can use third-party software as a workaround. 

The monitor is provided with an ergonomic stand that is capable of tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustments for the most comfortable viewing position and alongside beneficial for a multi-display gaming setup. With 3D enabled users can enjoy immersive gaming with NVIDIA 3D surround. The 2 speakers embedded in the monitor produce stereo sound thereby creating a gaming environment. 

The GamePlus Hotkey feature has crosshair overlay and timer functions to aid in your gaming development. The connectivity ports of the monitor include DisplayPort, Dual-Link, and HDMI ports. The ASUS VG248QE also comes with a warranty of 3-years on the system and panel to provide its customers peace of mind.

It’s a great combination of affordability and power, and that’s exactly why it’s one of the best 144hz monitor for overwatch.

  • Higher contrast ratio
  • Stereo speakers
  • Both 2D and 3D visuals
  • No Adaptive sync technology
  • Non-flicker screen


It is evident that professional Overwatch players use a 240Hz refresh rate monitor to maintain their consistency in the game. But if you are on a limited budget you should always go for a 144Hz refresh rate monitor but not lower than this. Our list of the best monitor for overwatch has all monitors with refresh rates ranging from 144Hz to 280Hz. Moreover, before jumping to a conclusion you must read user reviews of the monitor in order to make your investment fruitful.  

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