Best Wireless Microphone for DJ

Best Wireless Microphone for DJ – 2021

In this article, we have discussed some of the best wireless microphone for DJ. With so much choice out there, it can be hard to make the right buying decision. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to the best wireless mi for DJ you can find today.

There is much convenience of using a wireless microphone than a wired one. Sometimes wire proof to be enemies for DJ’s. Cables are troublesome and infernal as they trail along and get tangled up here and there, also every time one or the other cable, the adapter goes missing. More importantly, a DJ needs the freedom to move around the stage and hype the crowd.

Using wireless microphone upgrades your maximum stage presence potential and you roam without worry of tripping or stepping on and putting out the cables. Now you know wireless microphones are more reliable than wired. Although there are benefits of wireless technology, they consistently carry the signal without any risks of interference or decay. Every device has some advantages or disadvantages. Wireless are also subject to issues like dropout, interference and glitches. But wireless mic is superb now. Bluetooth is superfast, Wi-Fi and other data transfer techniques are also in competition.

Understandably, DJ’s don’t require high price mic as they are not into singing usually. However there are some mics specially designed for DJs.

Our Top Picks Best Wireless Microphone for DJ 2021:

Given all that, these are our pick of the best wireless microphone for DJ currently available.

1. SHURE BLX288/PG58 Dual Channel Handheld Wireless System

best wireless microphone for dj

Sure is one of the Hallmark names in the field of audio tech and their microphone has long been dominating amongst the best ever made. This product is a receiver and microphone set, has to PG58 microphone. The set has much value for a pro wireless kit.

This product is based on Shure’s SM58 dynamic microphone. It has excellent frequency response and also got profiles for live usage, almost like an all-rounder. This mic works peerlessly in noisy environments, behind DJ monitors and clubs.

Shure delivers the flexibility and readability one desires. Both the mic are simultaneously operable with that compact receiver. It works smoothly from even a distance of 300 feet and that too without any interference and dropouts.

  • One touch quick scan frequency selection
  • Rugged construction
  • Upto 14 hours of continuous use
  • Upto 12 compatible systems per frequency band
  • Two color led audio status indicator
  • On/Off switch
  • Expensive for tight budget buyers
  • Some users alleged that the mic picks direct line of sight signals only from a large distance
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2. AKG WMS49 Wireless Vocal Microphone System

wireless microphone for dj 2021

AKG has been famous in the audio industry, producing awesome microphones for decades and has been in the top spot amongst review listings and forums. Its great performance is worth its price. This set has a microphone and a wireless module that can handle up to 8 microphones. This product is an HT25 microphone that delivers fabulous quality for vocals and its ripping cardioid pattern is ideal for DJs.

This top-notch quality of this budget microphone is a testament to the expertise of AKG in producing microphones. Alongside mic, the wireless module is super reliable, shielded from interference and dropouts. It works 8 hours long with the 2AA batteries. With the XLR outputs, it gets connected to most mixers readily.

These all features make this capable device and one of the best wireless microphone for DJ as well.

  • 30 MHz selection bandwidth
  • Auto setup mode
  • Universal connector kit
  • Upto 8 mics
  • Relatively average priced
  • Noiseless On/Off/Mute switch on handheld transmitter
  • Relatively large sized
  • Insufficient direction
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3. Vocopro UHF-58880 Professional 4- Channel Wireless Microphone System

Vocopro UHF-58880 Professional 2021

Vocopro is not a renowned industry but they do manufacture superb quality microphone and they value the price. This system comes with 4 wireless microphones. These are ideal for MCing, rapping or karaoke and that’s too without any cables. This doesn’t mean it would cut out for singers though.

The system provides a decent frequency response with no interference or dropouts. It works smoothly over short distances and of about 22 to 50 yards. The battery life is of 12 hours before things start becoming choppy.

The plus point in this mic is that being a DJ at a wedding or other parties you can simply pass on the mic to the crowd.

  • 4 mics at an excellent price
  • Individual volume controls for precise vocal balancing
  • Available in 2 frequency sets
  • 12-hour battery life with 2AA batteries
  • Module-Replaceable receiver
  • Includes Aluminium Carrying Case
  • Limited functions
  • Unreliable
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4. Sennheiser EWD1-8355 Evolution Wireless D1 Digital Vocal System

Sennheiser EWD1-8355 Evolution

Sennheiser is being walked all over the audio products industry. They deliver the finest audio techs like this product. The evolution series is great, the mic is an E835 dynamic wireless 1. Its wired version had high regard and now this wireless version too. It gives awesome performance across the vocal range of rapping, MCing and singing

The D1 digital sound transmission makes no compromise with readability, some quality and user-friendliness. Moreover it can independently adjust the sensitivity of every transmission and frequency. The system finds the proper frequencies and synchronizes up to 15 additional transmission links. The D1 is enough advanced to be configured with an iOS or Android app.

It’s a great combination of affordability and quality, and that’s exactly why it’s one of the best wireless microphone for DJ.

  • ew DI automatically configures itself
  • Automatically scans and selects the best frequency
  • Wireless link protection eliminates signal dropouts
  • Crystal clear digital sound with great dynamics and low latency
  • Rugged metal construction with a 2-year warranty
  • Sturdy mute switch on mic
  • Rock mounting hardware not included
  • 5-6 hours of battery life, relatively lower than other mics
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5. Innopow Metal Dual UHF Wireless Microphone System

best wireless microphone for mobile dj 2021

This set of microphones is cheap, powerful and stick to its lofty promises. Its battery life is of 14 hours with 4AA batteries and does remove the battery when not in use to avoid damage to the product.

The working range of this microphone is about 200-240 ft. Moreover it got plenty of connectivity features. One can’t expect such a great microphone from a lesser-known brand Innopow. Its features include Neo Dymium cartridges for feedback rejection and fixed frequency responses provide warm and accurate sound quality.

With the inbuilt protection method, the module delivers stable audio and that too at such cheap price, ideal for DJ, KJ or other parties.

  • Sleek metal design with internal antenna for optimum aesthetics
  • 14-17 hours of battery life with 4AA batteries
  • Unidirectional neodymium dynamic cartridge for optimum true sound and feedback rejection
  • Loud and clear sound quality with fixed frequency cheap price
  • An extra audio equipment like speaker need to be connected to make sound working
  • The receiver should be kept away from metal devices to work properly, there are more cautions you must take care
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6. Archeer Dual Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

best wireless microphone for dj

You already know Bluetooth technology is to improving nowadays, this mic uses this technology and provides efficient function as other Pro audio setup. This mic has the property of being usable reliably over a close distance of 50 ft from the module.

The wireless system uses a small receiver and has a wider compatibility. The microphone is warm and accurate and advises for the DJ booth. The built-in acoustic pop filter offers a distortion-free performance.

  • 50 feet wireless and 25feet bluetooth effective range
  • UHF digital wirless transmission technology works at 50-80 Hz and 10 selectable channels to avoid interference
  • The Bluetooth wireless mic is compatible with various audio devices like speaker, amplifier and mixer
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Builtin rechargeable battery
  • Extra sound output is required
  • Battery not included
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7. Hotec 25 Channel UHF Handheld Wireless Microphone

Hotec 25 Channel UHF Handheld

This microphone is a mini wireless module type, you just need to plug it to your mixer and it’s on. But you will need an adapter if it uses XLR. The Microphone is powered by 2AA batteries, work for almost 10 hours.

The sound is crystal clear and offers a great frequency response with its cardioid pickup pattern. It is sturdy built and lightweight. Price is cheap and affordable. A downside to mention is that the antenna is subjected to get distracted if connected near the DJ Mixer. Moreover users get the option to record using iPhone/Android smartphones and tablets.

Better yet, it also gets our vote as among the best wireless microphone for DJ, especially from a value perspective.

  • Easy setup
  • Multi-use applications
  • Full compatibility and volume adjustment
  • Supports recording on smartphones
  • Aluminum sturdy body
  • Cheap price
  • Not bluetooth supported
  • Poor range of working
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8. Audio Technica System 10 ATW 1102

Audio Technica System

This system is a very reliable digital wireless which operates at 2.4GHz frequency band and others. Both antennas work independently to scan for the perfect channels without any dropouts. Moreover it has three levels of signal assurance of frequency, space and time. The receiver automatically locates available frequencies.

The microphone is a cardioid polar pattern that works within a range of 100ft. Its 2AA batteries run for about 7 hours. The Audio Technica System offers easy operation and instantaneous channel selection. You can use up to 8 channels together without any group selection issues. It is available in multiple system configurations, we are not listing them here, but recommend you to check it out. The ATW-R1102 is a digital receiver offering volume control along with pair indicator lights.

  • 3 levels of diversity assurance
  • 2 receiver sections
  • 8 mics works simultaneously
  • Ground lift on receiver switch
  • 2.4 GHz range operating 24 bit
  • Auto-sync for seamless operation
  • Limited functions
  • Not durable
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9. Shure PGXD 24/SM58 Wireless Microphone

best wireless microphone for mobile dj

Shure products are very reliable and such products are tested hundreds of times before putting into use. This system is well versed with guitar and little to no interference or dropouts. It uses through digital diversity, both antenna work independently. With just a push of the button on the receiver it automatically select frequency. The Cardioid pattern rejects any background noises.

The operating range of this system is 200 ft. With the 2AA batteries, it can be used continuously for 9 hours. Moreover the mute button prevents accidental setting change. The body of the mic perfectly feeds the user hand for comfort during long geeks.

However there’s no doubt that this device earned its spot in our best wireless microphone for DJ 2021 list.

  • 24 bit/ 48 KHz digital audio
  • Dual antennas for true diversity reception
  • Auto-sync between the transmitter and receiver with one-touch scanning
  • 9-hour battery life
  • 5 compatible channels per frequency band
  • Working range of 200ft
  • Possibility for radio interference
  • Batteries runs fast
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10. Sennheiser XSW1- 825 A Wireless System

best wireless microphone for dj 2021

This analog system is very affordable and the microphone has some great sound. The sync button on the receiver auto synchronize to locate the clearest channel. Though you can manually change the signal in case of interference. The modern look design is also equipped with diversity antennas built into the receiver, completely eliminating chances of breaking.

The microphone is a super-cardioid pattern, excellent at rejecting background noise, providing warm sound. There is also a mute switch which prevents accidental touch. The 2AA battery provides 10 hours of playtime. The XS wireless one specially designed for fast time casual wireless users who appreciate the simplicity with no complications.

  • Integrated antennas
  • Upto 10 compatible channels
  • Antenna switching diversity reception
  • Selectable UHF frequencies within large bandwidth
  • Easy handling and excellent line sound
  • Mute switch on the microphone
  • Relatively high priced
  • Compact bodypack transmitter might be disliked by users
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In the DJ world there are varying options from pro audio setups to super-cheap solutions. The wireless feature eliminates cables and create more freedom in the DJ booths. But downsides are limited than ever. Still there may be some inevitable problems and you might need to check your setup to troubleshoot it.

We recommend users to completely go through the features before jumping to a conclusion.

I hope our list will help you to purchase the best wireless microphone for DJ 2021.

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