How to Protect Your Computer From Hackers and Viruses

How To Protect Your Computer From Hackers and Viruses?

In this detailed article, we are going to explain the detailed guide on How to Protect Your Computer From Hackers and Viruses.

Nowadays everything is done through internet from a small transaction to a bigger circulation of money is done through internet. Though it is helpful for each sector and also for our better future but is also has a risk from hackers. All business transactions are done with the help of a computer or laptop and that’s where the hackers starts to plot their game plan. 

So, first of all, let us know Who are hackers and what are their intention?

Businesses of all sizes are facing critical problems in the section of cybersecurity.

Hackers are those people who are considered to be criminal due to the fact that they gain unauthorised access to a network and other’s devices, with the intention to steal sensitive data. By sensitive data we mean your financial information or company secrets.

Just like other thieves, hackers usually find their way into your devices with wrong intention. Hackers may delete, alter, or steal information from your devices, and as if this was not enough, they instal malware software (software used for malicious purposes) without your concern. These hackers may get access to your most valuable data before you think of a break-in.

Types of Hackings in Computer:

How to Protect Your Computer From Hackers and Viruses

Financial Crimes: In this type of hacking, the hackers steal your transaction details such credit card number, debit card number and try to harm you with financial loses.

Vandalism: This type of hacking is done to vandalize certain websites in order to just show off to other hackers.

Hacktivism: This is similar to that of vandalism. Hackers may want to alter or destroy certain websites for politically motivated reasons.

Corporate Spying: Hackers tries to keep an eye over different corporate’s confidential information through this type of spying.

So, if you are thinking that there is no way to be safe from these cyber bullies, then you are wrong. 

There are several ways by which you can be both safe and secure. Let’s have a look on How to Protect Your Computer From Hackers and Viruses.

How to Protect Your Computer From Hackers and Viruses?

1. Firewall.

Firewall is a software which acts as barrier between your sensitive information and others. Windows and macOS have built-in firewalls. Firewalls helps you to prevent any unauthorized access to your network and immediately alert you to any trespasses.

Check whether your firewall is enabled just prior of going online. You can also go for a hardware firewall, If your business is larger in size, you can always go for an additional business networking firewall.

2. Install Antivirus Software

Hackers install malicious software in your device without even your knowledge. So you can always prevent that by installing an Antivirus. It protects your computer against any unwanted illegal code or software alter or destroy your operating system. Viruses can be easily spotted by their impact on your computer for example, they may slow down your system or even delete your important files.

So, install the software ASAP and after you install it, don’t forget to use it. Run the program on regular basis in order to keep your computer virus-free.

3. Use Difficult Passwords

Using a complex and safe password is the one of the most important way to prevent network hacking. More the complex passwords are, the harder it becomes for a hacker to hack your system.

To make your password more secure, you need to keep somethings in mind. The password should have at least eight characters with a mixture of numbers, capital and small letters, and computer symbols. Hackers have a good record in breaking down short and easy passwords in minutes.

4. Update Your Apps and Browsers

Without exception install new updates on your computer because maximum of the updates include security fixes that help you to prevent your system from entering and destroying your data. The same goes for apps. Nowadays, browsers are sophistically developed, especially in the field of security and privacy. Now you can use your browser to prevent from the website which keeps a track on your movements and thus it helps in increasing your online privacy. 

5. Avoid Spam

Spamming is one of the major causes of online hacks. Stay cautious from email messages from unknown parties, and never ever click on the links provided by them. Though Inbox spam filters have developed a lot at catching the most apparent spam but more sophisticated phishing emails like emails from banks, trusts, business associates, etc have become common. So, keep your eyes wide open to not fall for this trap.

6. Secure Your Network

Routers don’t have the highest security settings. When you are setting up your network, first thing you need to log in to the router, then set a strong password to make sure that your network is secure.. This will prevent hackers from trespassing your network and alter your settings.

7. Disable Bluetooth

We have a bad habit of forgetting to switch off Bluetooth after its use. So always keep in your mind, When you’re not using Bluetooth, turn it off. If you keep it on, you are doing nothing but inviting the hackers to invade your system.

This was all about How to Protect Your Computer From Hackers and Viruses. I hope that you liked it.

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