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Best Laptop Keyboard For Writers in 2021

Hey guys, are you looking for the best laptop keyboard for writing 2021? If yes, then this article is special for you. Because today I am going to share the best laptop keyboard for writers 2021 list with you. So stay connected with this article and get all the relevant information about the best keyboards with premium facilities.

Our Top Picks Best Laptop Keyboard for Writers:

With so much choice out there, it can be hard to make the right buying decision. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to the best laptop keyboard for writers you can find today.

1. Roccat Vulcan

best laptop keyboard for writers

Roccat is a premium brand in terms of providing the best keyboards with amazing design quality. It is one of the biggest premium keyboards producing company which is famous among the peoples for the best services. There are lots of qualities to describe this product which I will tell you in the upcoming paragraphs. The Roccat Vulcan is one of the best laptop keyboard for writers. The spacebar on the Vulcan is better than the other keyboards at the same price rate.

So basically, it is an incredible mechanical gaming keyboard that becomes famous among professional Gamers because of its premium quality. You will get the expectational durability and firepower with this keyboard. The bounce time is under 4 ms for instant registration of commands which is the most important thing for a writer. In this keyboard one of the best things which I like that you can manually customize Programmable keys. The keyboard contains Roccat Titan Switches which is the premium feature that helps you to write 20 % faster than any other keyboard in the market.

If you are searching for a keyboard with multimedia functionality like the wheel to control volume and light also to fully implement different multimedia sharp commands then go for it. In my recommendation, this is an excellent keyboard and highly recommended for fast writers.

  • Smooth Typing Experience
  • Lightweight Durability
  • Quick ability to execute commands
  • Its price is the biggest drawback of this premium keyboard.
  • Lighting could be better.
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2. Microsoft Sculpt

Microsoft Sculpt

Microsoft is a brand in which we can blindly trust the build quality and the features they are providing in their products. If you are so much close to the technology then you will definitely know that Microsoft is booming around the world for their premium Services. Undoubtedly, Microsoft sculpt is the best ergonomic keyboard that comes with lots of premium features. With the help of this keyboard, you will get a better typing experience with tactile switches. Stronger and more comfortable arm support with plush cushioned palm rest.

This product has a better ergonomic design than the previous models. You will get satisfying clicking sensation along with the superior key stability. Microsoft is always concerned about the User experience so they are providing the luxurious design with the oversized fabric wrist wrest. The Sculpt is partially split only off the center, with the keys curving towards the gap. This also improves the design quality of this keyboard and the keys are positioned more generally without any further modifications. The Sculpt offers Cushioned Palm Rest that provides natural support.

The distinct number pad contains an enter key, delete and backspace as obvious, and a calculator button. It is quite heavy and seems to be liquid resistant and but don’t worry it is simple to clean. The split spacebar will eliminate middle warp too. Overall though hasn’t seen a significant influence in accuracy or speed in switching. The numeric keypad is fine with excellent outcomes.

  • Split Keyset Design is amazing
  • Separate number pad
  • Relaxed Angle
  • Little bit heavy
  • Dependent on USB Dongle
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3. Logitech K780 – Best Laptops Keyboard for Writers on a Budget

best laptops for writers on a budget

Logitech K780 is the third pick up in the list of best keyboard for writers of 2021. It comes with an amazing look with premium design. Logitech K780 is considered as the best wireless keyboard for writers because it provides lots of helpful features if we compare it with other keyboards. Actuation pressure is fairly light but doesn’t feel cheap at all.

The K780 offers Bluetooth smart ready devices that fully compatible with external devices. This is a fully equipped multi-device that comes with an attractive design. The best thing that everyone likes on this keyboard is that it is fully compatible with tablets and Smartphones. It is a perfect keyboard for Apple product users whether they are using laptops or smartphones it will work amazingly. It changes very quickly between devices & goes into sleep mode to save batteries without always turning off at night.

You will get an integrated rubber cradle that is the best thing that easily holds mobile devices. The Logitech comes with a Long battery life of 24 months from two pre-installed AAA batteries. It comes to the perfect example of artificial intelligence that automatically enables the auto-sleep mode when we did not use it for a long time. In my recommendation, if you are looking for the best wireless compatibility keyboard then this should be your first choice.

  • Reliable And Hassle-Free
  • So expensive for low budget peoples
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4. Azio Retro Bluetooth Artisan – Best Laptop Keyboard for Writing

best laptop keyboard for writing

Azio Retro Bluetooth Artisan is one of the most prominent keyboards for writers as well as for professional Gamers. Guys, the topmost plate of this keyboard is made with perfect leather that attracts the users towards it. This beautiful keyboard comes with an extremely comfortable key spread, convenient shortcuts, and nice clicky feel. You will get solid performance and gorgeous at a glance with amazing functionality. It is a fully equipped Bluetooth device that Instantly connects via Bluetooth to your laptop and comes around the computer when a key is pressed. The keyboard comes with a luxurious look.

You will get Ultimate Versatility with a super-easy switch activation and your Retro Classic Keyboard can be wired with USB or wireless with Bluetooth, in PC or MAC mode. As we all know that the retro classic is a backlit mechanical keyboard with super functionality. In my recommendation, if you are a professional writer then you should buy this keyboard with ultramodern features. Better yet, it also gets our vote as among the best laptop keyboard for writing in 2021, especially from a value perspective. 

  • Includes a 6000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Genuine & Luxurious
  • Ergonomics not great
  • Each key has a bit of plastic-feeling to it.
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5. Razer Huntsman Elite – Good Laptop Keyboard for Writers

good laptop keyboard for writers

The Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard is a high-end, full-sized self-regulating keyboard with a touchpad that brings the keyboard and mouse jointly. You will get novel optical switches with Huntsman that have great potential to do fast typing. It is a new innovative product that provides ultimate features with lots of powerful qualities. Thanks for the Optical light sensor inside the switch that provides great durability to the users. It is a fully Programmable device with Multi-function digital dial and three tactile media keys at a very reasonable price.

The Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard offers Magnetic leatherette wrist rest that is fully made of plush leatherette for long-lasting satisfaction. The new optomechanical switches are definitely quicker than other ones. You will get next level experience of typing and keep pressing with the help of this keyboard. So in my recommendation, if you want a keyboard with the best durability and multifunctionality then go for it and believe me you will never regret in the future about choosing it. These features make it a good laptop keyboard for writers in 2021.

  • Fastest key actuation ever
  • RGB backlighting and underflow
  • Requires two USB ports for power
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6. Logitech MX Keys – Best Laptop Keyboard for Writers and Photographers

best laptop keyboard for writers and photographers

Logitech MX Keys is one of the best laptop keyboard for writers and photographers with a sleek design that feels more premium. The Logitech is a premium brand in terms of manufacturing keyboards. The Keyboard is nonmechanical. With the help of MX Keys, you can increase the efficiency of typing. You will feel a next-level experience of luxurious typing with this advanced wireless illuminated keyboard. It is fully compatible with Logitech Flow enabled mouse. The MX Keys is effortless to switch between a Mac and PC since the keys have both OS X and Windows labels on them. You can pair up to 3 devices and it is fully compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android systems.

The Logitech MX Keys comes with a variety of brightness options to choose from, and light bleed is kept to a minimum. The keyboard also has a USB C port which makes charging a breeze. If you are searching for a keyboard with Smooth and stylish design then you can buy this.

  • Amazing Build Quality
  • Good Battery Life
  • Smart illumination hand proximity detection
  • Expensive
  • Unhelpful software
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7. SteelSeries Apex 64145 – Best Laptop Keyboard for Writing and Illustrating

best laptop keyboard for writing and illustrating

SteelSeries Apex 64145 is the best laptop keyboard for writing and illustrating that will take your writing experience to the next level. It packs various remarkable cool features that make it a tremendous expansion to your setup. The keys have a very limited play in them and are soft yet firm in their activity. The keystrokes on both are very fast and smooth. This SteelSeries Apex comes with a luxurious setup of keys with great comfort. You will not see any lost features in this price range of any other keyboards.

The Apex 64145 comes with the perfect key combinations that allow you to locate them without looking and implement devastatingly fast key combinations. You will get a dedicated visual support tool that gives access to customize all the zones. If you want to disable Windows key then Simply hold down the SteelSeries key and tap the Windows key then it will automatically disable.

  • Faster Return to WASD
  • 22 independent macros keys
  • Not perfect for Mobile/Tablet
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8. Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB

Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB

Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB is the perfect keyboard for programmers and writers as well. It is the most recommended versatile keyboard by experts because you will get lots of features like split keyboard layout, Cherry MX switches, and one of the best RGB lightings which creates a great environment in the dark situation. The Kinesis is really comforted while doing a long time typing with minimum noise. You will get mechanical switches with the Kinesis freestyle edge that is the best feature for famous as well as for programmers.

The Freestyle Edge RGB is the premium product of Kinesis which delivers extra functionality for writers. It offers the Simple key combination which can enable and disable the Windows key. If you need a keyboard where 20 keys located in the most-used gaming areas then this is the perfect choice for you.

  • Well-built design.
  • Excellent ergonomics.
  • Available in multiple mechanical switches
  • Can feel Awkward at first use
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9. Microsoft Surface Keyboard – Best Laptop Keyboard for Writing

best laptop keyboard for writing

Microsoft Surface keyboard comes with very solid construction, and it is can be the ideal choice for everyone with a good wireless keyboard. It is really soft and has a good work capacity. Microsoft Surface requires the use of disposable batteries and this is the most drawback of this keyboard. You will see that this keyboard is without a wrist rest but it is more comfortable in low profile. The Microsoft Surface keyboard comes with amazing build quality with aluminium at the top. This keyboard is more premium than other Microsoft products because of the classy finish.

In a straight forward word that the ergonomics are decent but the battery is not adjustable. It will provide you dedicated media controls and macro Programmable keys. There’s no backlighting on this premium keyboard which can be annoying for more users. Overall the product is good and if you want to use it for the office work then go for it. It’s a great combination of affordability and quality, and that’s exactly why it’s one of the best laptop keyboard for writing.

  • Increase In Screen Size
  • Solid Design
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Only One USB-C Port
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10. Corsair K70 RGB

best laptop keyboard for writers

Corsair K70 RGB is another fabulous keyboard on our list. If you’re going to spend hours upon hours typing then this should be your first choice. It is an ultra-durable mechanical keyboard that comes with the dust and spill resistant so you can play through anything. The best thing that you can easily customize your keyboard lightning and effects according to your need. You will get IP32 protection with it the help of which you can play confidentially without having any problem related to dust.

If you are an intense giving player that needs the fastest actions then the Full-N Key Roller helps you a lot in registering every pressing key correctly. You will feel the next level experience of dynamic lightning control on your keyboard which increases the durability of work. So in my recommendation, if you want a keyboard with a dynamic lightning effect with amazing durability then definitely go for it.

  • Dust and Spill-Resistant
  • Ultra durability
  • Amazing battery life
  • No color options available
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11. Unicomp Classic 104

Unicomp Classic 104

Unicomp Classic 104 is one of the best classic laptop keyboard for writers. This is a new generation keyboard and becomes the centre of attention because of its luxurious look. It delivers an incredible typing experience with Super lite keys and great execution commands. It is a modern creative product that delivers ultimate characteristics with lots of influential characteristics. If you have a job that requires continuous typing then this is the product suitable for you.

After using Unicomp classic 104 you will be thankful to buy this product. It’s very user-friendly and spontaneous and keeps the user from having to quest for a volume or pause button. So if you are a professional writer then this is the best laptop that you can buy nowadays.

  • High Build Quality
  • Sound like a boss
  • Good deal considering the prices of other “typing” keyboards.
  • Not really ideal for many games
  • Tolerances and plastic quality could be improved.
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ROCCAT RYOS MK PRO is the final pick up in the list of best laptop keyboard for writers. This keyboard offers a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor that supports a lot of manual customization. The most incredible think about this keyboard is a sturdy design that is the attraction point of users. You will get me an insane customization possibility because of the per-key illumination.

Roccat comes with the high powered hardware that provides incredible durability to this powerful keyboard. Advanced anti-ghosting is the most premium feature of the Ryos Mk Pro. So if you are thinking to buy your first mechanical keyboard then Roccat MK Pro should be your first choice.

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  • Thumb buttons really helpful
  • N-key rollover
  • High powered hardware
  • Little Bit Expensive
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Things to Know Before Buying the Best Laptop Keyboard for Writers:

If you are a beginner then choosing the right keyboard can be a difficult task because you have to look up many characteristics. Of course, every different profession has different needs so keeping this mind we are making this ultimate guide only for you my friends. No doubt there are varieties of keyboards are available in the market with different prices & features. So let’s discuss the thing you should look at.

First of all, we need to check the keystrokes according to our needs in the keyboard and no one needs that type of Keyboard which feels us as a typewriter. So it will be your priority to check first how it is sensitive, soft, and working capability.

Then after that, you should check the work type of the keyboard you are about to buy. Because many keyboards are only made for gaming and they are suitable for professional Gamers. And if you are a writer as a profession then you need a different type of keyboard that can provide fast execution of the commands.


Thanks for visiting our website and giving your valuable time to read this article. I hope you like this article and get all the relevant information related to the top 12 best laptop keyboard for writers in 2021. If you want to appreciate our work then please appreciate by sharing it with your friends. If you have any questions related to this article then ask in the comment box. I will try to answer as soon as possible.

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