Best Mini PC For TV, Plex and Netflix in 2021

Looking for the best Mini PC for TV, then you came to the right place. 

Mini PC comes with advanced technology and user friendly ecosystem that lets users stream plex, Netflix, Prime Video and more streaming services with ease. Due to vast usage and enormous systems it’s hard to find the best option outthere. 

Honestly, companies don’t produce as much of this product due to awareness of this product. Most of the people don’t know if this thing even exists. So, this reason it’s hard to find the best mini PC for TV with availability. 

Amazon is the best retailer that distributes mini PCs vastly and most of the time it’s available on their platform without getting out of the stock. 

In this article, we’ve listed the best mini PC for TV, Plex and Netflix, take a look at it. 

Our Top Picks Best Mini PC For TV:

We have enlisted the best mini pc for tv for you that will give you the ultimate experience. Our team of experts has done extensive research and have come up with the list of these mini pc with endless features.

1. Minix NEO J50C– Best Mini PC For TV

Best Mini PC For TV

Had it not been for its capacity to drive a couple of 4K screens or being controlled by a Type-C connector, our interpretation of the J50C would have been tepid. Yet, we like what we are seeing, particularly at this cost and with Windows 10 Pro. A strong purchase in the event that you can disregard the bungled framework plate arrangement.

The Neo J50C has a useful yet contemporary plan. It utilizes plastic as its essential material and other than the engraving of the brand name on top, there’s not really any trace of what it is. 

Two of the sides of the J50C are punctured to permit air course, all through the gadget. There’s likewise three USB 3.0 ports, a reset button, a force button, a DisplayPort one, a HDMI, connector, a Type-C connector, an exclusive force port, a sound/SPDIF plug and a Gigabit Ethernet connector. There’s no card peruser however. 

A status light shows whether the gadget is dynamic or resting. The force supply unit is a little 36W model (12V3A) however the gadget can work with just 1A without outer drives associated. A VESA mount section is likewise is present.

The J50C is engaging at the cost. We would have liked to dispose of the eMMC and supplant it with a SSD boot drive all things considered. Indeed, it very well may be done yet should entrepreneurs need to stress over it? We don’t think so. The bait of running two 4K screens simultaneously will be solid for those hoping to augment business efficiency through expanded visual land.

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  • Well Designed
  • Easily powered by Type – C connector
  • Plenty of ports
  • Fast and smooth
  • No card reader

2. HP ProDesk 600 G5 – Best Mini PC For Netflix

Best Mini PC For Netflix

HP sells a few scaled-down PCs with a similar fundamental plan, including the ProDesk 400 and EliteDesk 800. Yet the ProDesk 600 G5 offers the best mix of cost and highlights. The front board has one USB Type-C port for more current embellishments just as two Type-A ports for more established links and USB drives. 

On the back, the setup we suggest has three DisplayPort connectors so you can undoubtedly utilize numerous screens (however there are different alternatives, including HDMI and USB-C). Its fan is almost quiet in regular use and mediocre under more concentrated responsibilities. Furthermore, you need just to eliminate one thumbscrew to get to its M.2 stockpiling and two memory spaces, for simple overhauls later on.

This PC is strikingly calm and the exhibition is shockingly quick. It accompanies a 3-year guarantee from HP so that is a colossal in addition to.

The full estimation of your venture accompanies extension that expands the existence of your PC. The HP ProDesk 600 MT has four straights and four openings.

Ensure your PC against the developing malware dangers of things to come, with our self-recuperating, equipment implemented, and sensible security arrangements. From the BIOS to the program, HP Sure Start Gen5 and HP Sure Click help secure your PC.

  • Amazing performance
  • Multiple connectivity ports
  • LIghtweight
  • Easy to connect
  • Design could be better

3. CHUWI HeroBox – Best Mini PC With 4K 60Hz

Best Mini PC With 4K 60Hz

Chuwi has as of late delivered its up and coming age of small scale PC, the Chuwi HeroBox. It leaves the aluminum body and fan-lessness of the mainstream GBox Pro on Banggood all things considered. What’s more, contrasted with its archetype, the CPU altogether changed from Atom X7-E3950 to Gemini Lake N4100. Slam from 4GB to 8GB, capacity from 64GB eMMC to 180GB SSD. By and large, its an item with improved details. 

As of late we have gotten this HeroBox from CHUWI, so we will portray its appearance and usefulness, benchmark score, and ease of use. The Gemini Lake N4100 processor turns out freshly for regular use. Additionally, in light of the fact that it’s fanless, it’s totally quiet and has a high warmth scattering impact. 

The gadget and Windows details in the settings of Windows 10. Obviously, there are Gemeni Lake N4100 and 8GB of memory as per the determinations. 

From here, you can see the gadget information. In the first place, I feel that SSD is uncommon with 180GB, however there is a thing made by Intel. 

One of the critical benefits of the CHUWI HeroBox Mini PC definetly incorporates its fanless framework. For accomplishing this, a huge warmth sink made of aluminum is given. Likewise, the entire body of the gadget is additionally made of aluminum, which helps in heat dissemination and sinking. 

Every one of the adornments, aside from the client manual. Bundling likewise incorporates equipment to join to the rear of a TV yet does exclude a HDMI link.

It works easily when perusing sites and altering pictures of a couple of MB, and it is reasonable even with Excel documents of 50 MB class.

  • Stunning performance
  • Great benchmark score
  • Average CPU temperature
  • Work smooth while browsing
  • Build quality could be better

4. Intel NUC10i5FNHCA – Best Mini PC For Netflix

Best Mini PC For Netflix

Little PCs ordinarily accompany bargains, regularly inadequate with regards to customisation, future redesigns, force, and port determination. 

At that point there’s Intel’s NUC (short for Next Unit of Computing), which highlights its selling point. This long-standing line of smaller than usual PCs, presently seven years of age, stays extraordinary therefore.

Given its size, you may expect the Frost Canyon NUC’s little body to conceal complex internals. That is not the situation. Intel’s been working on this for a very long time, and it shows. 

You open the NUC by unscrewing the four feet on the lower part of the machine. When extricate (they can’t be altogether taken out, so you can’t lose them), the base board falls off with a pull.

Obviously, there are restrictions on what a NUC can deal with because of its little size, yet what’s accessible is noteworthy. The parts you can update are not difficult to track down and promptly open in the wake of eliminating only a small bunch of screws. I’d contend the Frost Canyon NUC is simpler to support than most work areas sold by significant producers.

It’s an incredible chip. Geekbench 5 returned a solitary center consequence of 1,099, and a multi-center aftereffect of 5,702. These numbers don’t break records, yet they’re significantly better than most PCs and little work areas. Dell’s XPS 13 7390, which we checked on with a similar processor, hit a higher score of 1,250 in the single-center test. However falled behind with a score of 5,491 in the multi-center test.

Size isn’t the solitary advantage of a work area dependent on portable equipment. Utilizing versatile equipment additionally diminishes power utilization altogether. Intel’s Frost Canyon NUC tastes power under an assortment of responsibilities. 

Out of gear, the framework devours simply 9.8 watts. That is comparable to numerous 13-inch workstations, and not exactly most 15-inch frameworks. Work area utilization can differ uncontrollably, yet it’s uncommon for a work area to utilize under 20 watts out of gear, so the NUC’s force utilization is magnificent.

It’s a great combination of affordability and power, and that’s exactly why it’s one of the Best Mini PC For Netflix.

  • Solid CPU Performance
  • Easty to Upgrade RAM, hard Drive
  • Low power Consumption
  • Small form factor
  • Very poor gaming performance

5. Guzila Mini PC – Best Mini PC For 4K TV

Best Mini PC For 4K TV

The GUZILA small scale PC is a minimised at this point incredible gadget. Preinstalled with Windows 10, the 4K HD amusement visual is magnificent for perusing the web, watching motion pictures, and different assignments that a respectable Windows work area can perform. With Bluetooth or USB console and mouse, plug in and transform your HDMI TV into a shrewd PC – it’s just about as simple as. Smooth and more modest than different minis we tried, we’re dazzled up until this point.

This small PC doesn’t need a fan, which implies it’s totally calm when running, and is more energy-saving than numerous others available. Alongside Windows 10, a Quad-Core processor, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 120GB Flash Memory, Bluetooth 4.2 and Fast Wi-Fi permits this to run easily and with nice security. It’s ideal for home and office use, and with the exception of enormous style gaming, this little PC can more than match the abilities of a work area or PC.

Basically, you can scarcely discover a particularly complex conservative work area PC at financial plan agreeable expense. The PC upholds 4K HD to empower you to take thoroughly enjoy visual diversion. 

It is an ideal home or office work area for Internet surfing, getting ready Office records, watching films, web based most recent recordings, etc.

These all features makes this capable machine and one of the Best Mini PC For 4K TV as well.

  • Exterme design
  • Highly affordable
  • 4K HD Video
  • Amazing fitting
  • Not good for high end works like gaming
  • Get warm at times

6. CTL Chromebox CBX1C

CTL Chromebox CBX1C

The $250 Chromebox CBX1C is ideal for the work since it is a little, economical and able Chrome-based personal computer. At 1.6-by 5.9-by 5.9-inches, the framework occupies 33% the room of the more remarkable and costly Apple Mac Mini. While the CTL framework remembers the equipment for mounting it for the rear of the showcase, Apple doesn’t make mounting equipment for the Mini.

Under its dim dark skin, the Chromebox CBX1C is the correct harmony among force and cost. At $240, the framework depends on Intel’s 1.8GHz double center Celeron processor. And has a liberal 128GB of strong state extra room – twice what most contenders offer. The framework incorporates 4GB of RAM however adding more is pretty much as basic as opening the container and snapping in additional memory modules. 

The framework has a decent blend of old and new ports that will assist it with finding a way into the educating scene. In advance, it has a couple of USB 3.0 ports, a miniature SD card peruser and an earphone jack. While the back has associations for a USB C, 2 USB 2.0 and a USB 3.0 association.

Video is shipped off a showcase or projector with the CBX1C’s HDMI port, however the USB C port can likewise drive a presentation for transforming the framework into a double screen force to be reckoned with.

Leaving the force on constantly doesn’t sound especially green in view of the force squandered when it’s not being utilized. Then again, the CBX1C with the screen burns-through under 20 watts when being utilized and just 1.5-watts when inactive, which amounts to about $5 per year if it’s utilized for 8 hours each school day and the school pays the normal expense of power in the U.S. of 13 pennies each kilowatt-hour. At the end of the day, it’s a deal to utilize. 

Cost is the most awesome aspect of the Chromebox CBX1C. It may not be the most impressive Chrome framework around, yet it was bounty sufficiently able to do common school errands and has more advanced strength than an Asus Chromebit stick. The Chromebox change project was a genuine stunner for me in that it was easy to achieve and upcycled old hardware into something that can propel schooling.

  • Plenty of port options
  • Supports both Android and Linux apps
  • Very Afforable
  • Some android app don’t work well on non touch device

7. Apple Mac Mini – Best Mini PC For Streaming Movies

Best Mini PC For Streaming Movies

The Mac Mini 2020 invigorate gives the littlest Mac a greeting and genuinely necessary update. Furthermore, with every one of the cases Apple has presented, promising multiple times quicker CPU execution. And multiple times quicker graphical execution contrasted with the past Mini, the freshest model accompanies some exclusive standards. 

Fanatics of Apple’s littlest PC ought to be satisfy that the Mac Mini is the principal work area to get the M1 chip. We absolutely are, particularly thinking about how past variants of the Mini have prevailed upon us during that time on account of their little structure factor and outsized execution. A blend that makes them among the most adaptable alternatives in Apple’s registering line. 

The Mini is likewise quite possibly the most strange gadgets from Apple, which is the thing that makes it uncommon. However is presumably why it regularly gets overlooked by the organization. Despite the fact that we had an invigorate only a couple a long time back with the Mac Mini (2018), that revive was four years really taking shape. In this way, it’s ideal to get a particularly generous update. Also seeing the new macOS 11 Big Sur working framework, in plain view in the new Mac scaled down 2021. 

Furthermore, it truly has a presentation help. Despite the fact that the M1 chip that controls the new Mac smaller than usual is Apple’s first chip for a work area PC, it’s truly taken it out of the part. This small PC feels quick and responsive, and it had the option to fight at a surprisingly high level when it came to concentrated video delivering undertakings. 

In any case, we note of that the transition to the M1 chip implies the memory is covers at 16GB. And you can at this point don’t utilize outer realistic cards (eGPUs). This will disillusion any individual who expected to update their Mac small. 

Over all, at that point, the Mac small (M1, 2021) is a noteworthy piece of pack, with Apple’s most recent equipment and programming becoming the overwhelming focus. It’s extraordinary to see Apple accepting its particular little PC, and utilising it as a feature for its M1 equipment in a work area PC.

There’s no doubt that this mobile workstation earned its spot in our Best Mini PC For Streaming Movies list. 

  • Lovely Design
  • High End performance
  • New M1 hardware has potential
  • Maximum of 16 GB memory

8. Minix NEO Z83-4 – Best Mini PC For Plex Media Server

Minix NEO Z83-4

This Windows 10 Mini-PC is an item revived to the exceptionally effective Minix Neo Z83-4 with the Pro addition signifying the Windows 10 Pro permit status, in spite of the fact that there are two or three other minor modifications to the bundle.

The first Z83-4 has become Minix’s greatest truly selling Mini PC and was even the Number One dealer in the Mini PC class on The most striking equipment adjustments are the somewhat upgraded Intel X5-Z8350 CPU and an included VESA mount for mounting. The gadget to the rear of your presentation to eliminate link mess from your work area, or AV unit.

The past Z8300 processor demonstrated a bit of a champ for sound video execution. While the overall presentation was effectively enough for most of average office obligations. And the Windows 10 Pro permit could positively add to the interest for a more extensive area of organisations. The UK estimating has been set at £179, so £20 on top of the standard Z83-4. Yet that is extensively not as much as dishing out for a Pro permit. How about we check whether the Z83-4 Pro is probably going to be pretty much as well known as the first.

However, there’s still no doubt that the Minix NEO Z83-4 deserves its lofty spot on the Best Mini PC For Plex Media Server list.

  • Good build quality
  • Amazing Cooling
  • High quality components
  • Impressive connectivity
  • Not good wireless performance

9. Azulle Access 3

Azulle Access 3

Azulle’s Access3 (begins at $140; $219 as tried) is a confection size miniature PC with barely enough execution to run Windows 10. A HDMI port toward one side attachments straightforwardly into a TV or screen. No sections needed, for a basic, hideaway arrangement. Restricted execution and capacity limit oblige its capability to web surfing, electronic applications, and video web based. So it probably will not supplant your principle PC. 

In any case, its ease and negligible impression work well for it as a diversion, travel, or even booth PC. If you temper your assumptions around what it’s useful for, the Access3 is a reasonable incentive for a fundamental PC that runs Windows.

The Access3 has a decent port choice for a PC its size. The mound at the back edge is there to oblige an Ethernet jack, an inquisitive consideration for a stick PC. However not one that is unwanted for business or stand use, or places where remote availability isn’t accessible.

  • Elegant Design with stylish look
  • Improved port selection
  • Zippy performance
  • Slow data transfer

10. Dell Optiplex 7070 Ultra – Best Mini PC For TV

Best Mini PC For TV

Business work area PCs these days normally aren’t the most energizing issues, however this particular advancement from Dell merits your consideration. The OptiPlex 7070 Ultra is a smaller business work area that fits inside the neck of a screen stand. It’s basic, presently stand-out, and has some reasonable potential gains.

There are some developing torments, and the actual PC is nothing to keep in touch with home regarding crude speed. Yet it’s an intriguing space-saving arrangement—particularly for IT divisions hoping to smooth out arrangements. The correspondingly smaller Lenovo ThinkCentre M720q Tiny is likewise worth thought. While you should investigate the OptiPlex 7770 AIO if the thing you’re pursuing is a more conventional across the board work area.

The plan of the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra is obviously sharp. The base idea—a secluded, reduced business work area PC that opens into the rear of a screen—isn’t new. As the significant PC producers have been offering such models for quite a long time. Notwithstanding, we haven’t seen one very like this.

Better yet, it also gets our vote as among the best mini pc for tv, especially from a value perspective. 

  • Amazing performance
  • Mini PC meets all-in-one desktop
  • Excellent port selection
  • Coverage plans
  • Setup id s pain

Final Verdict:

Making a list of the best mini PC for TV requires lots of research and deep performance tests. But finally we’ve done it. Now go for the list and buy the Best Mini PC For Plex Media Server suited on your need. 

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