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Best Professional Video Camera for Sports (2021)

You are troubling to choose the best professional video camera for sports 2021? Don’t worry today we will solve it. In this article, we will discuss the best video cameras for filming sports. These video camera are your budget-friendly and will fulfill your requirements. So let’s start the discussion!

How to Choose The Best Professional Video Camera for Sports of 2021??

One should note these important points while buying the best video cameras for filming sports :

Video resolution – 1080p is entirely essential, nowadays 4K video resolution is more popular, so you are advised not to go below them.

Your budget – To purchase any product, our budget is a very important factor. When we buy a video camera then there is a big range of prices so we should keep in mind about our budget. If you buy a high price video camera then you obviously get fantastic features but there is also a low price camera that will offer good features.

Which sports? – We will review the best professional video camera for sports in detail below, but here is a list of some sports and direct picks of the camera.

Most of these are covering many various sports (example DSLR but one thing you must notice they only allow 30 min of recording and you’ll have to click on record again). If your budget is higher or you need something extra then continue reading or click on here to jump to our camera list.

Baseball – If you want to record a baseball event then you need a zoom in and out here and their camera. Our camera list will be sufficient for your choice but if you want our top pick up, then we recommend Canon EOS Rebel T5 matched with a Solid Tripod because it has a great optical zoom.

Football – If you want a stationary video camera then a previous DSLR camera for baseball and basketball is a good option or if you standing on sideline or stands and want to keep on your hand then Canon VIXIA HF R700 is a very good choice.

Golf – In golf, you’ll be carrying it from hole to hole, so you need a lightweight camera on a tripod (recommended previously) and a good zoom mode facility. We recommended Sony Alpha a6000 since it has mirrorless technology which is good to capture the small ball in the picture.

Lacrosse – You can follow the same option describe at football because it has the same size ball.

Hockey – It has a small size of a ball so you need a good quality camera that can capture it from a distance. Grabbing a recommended mirrorless or DSLR camera with a tripod, otherwise, R700 is good. It is a fast clip game and you looking for autofocus then Olympus OM-D E-M10 good option.

Track & Field – In this game sunlight sensitivity is an important factor. Another point is you need a camera with autofocus if the participant running fast. So you must go with a mirrorless camera.

Tennis – In this case you filmed stationary, so we will recommend a DSLR (Canon or Nikon) which we discuss previously.

Volleyball – You can go with the same option which discus in a baseball game.

Water Sports (Swimming, Water Polo) – In such games, you need a waterproof camera with autofocus features. We like Olympus TG-4 because it has harsh-weather friendly features.

Extreme/outdoor/winter sports (snowboarding, wakeboarding, skiing, etc) – This depends if you screening yourself from a point of view fashion or from distance. We will discuss later top DSLR, otherwise, you can go with GoPro HERO.

What are the different types of best video cameras for filming sports?

The different types of best video cameras for filming sports are:

DSLR Camera DSLR camera is one of the most popular video cameras in the current market. They have also the ability to click pictures during videography. You can record the sporting event from a distance by DSLR. They’re also interchangeable DSLR lenses that provide more adjustability during the click of the picture. The only problem we already mentioned that it can allow only 30 min capturing at once.

Action Cams When it comes to screening point-of-view videos for sports then Action Cams are great. They are famous for the past half-decade.

Mirrorless Cameras It also a popular camera that offers various features. They are upgrading day by day and new technologies are including them. The problem is the same with a DSLR camera that allows only 30 min at once.

Professional Grade These fit on your shoulder and provide excellent video quality. They are pro for your surroundings and budget-friendly.

Camcorders It is easy to hold compared to DSLR. They also popular from the past decade and we will provide a list of them in this article.

Point-and-ShootThey are a little bit rare compare to other cameras and look like a traditional camera. They not only provide 1080 video quality but also offer some extra features. We will provide a list of them in this article.

Our Top Picks Best Professional Video Camera for Sports :

Now we will discuss with our top best video cameras for filming sports. Let’s start!

1. Nikon D3300

It is one of the best professional video camera for sports and undoubtedly it is affordable. You can use it for any sports. It has a great environment adjustable ability (whether you’re outdoors or indoors). You can record video at 1080p HD quality and it has a 24.2 megapixels DX-format CMOS image sensor. You can also click a picture while recording videos.

We recommend carrying a tripod with it to keep stationary, otherwise, you can use your hand. There is zoom mode which is very useful to catch up with the small ball (golf, hockey). So Nikon D3300 is a great pick up.

best professional video camera for sports
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2. Sony Alpha a6000

The Sony Alpha a6000 is a great mirrorless camera. There are some out there who debate that mirrorless camera has better internal technology than a DSLR. Some features of it are middle price-point: amazing autofocus, 24 megapixels and it has a great adjustable ability with the environment because it has phase and opposes discovery within autofocus mechanism (so you can focus fast speed athletics).

It can capture rapidly moving teams and individuals. So if you have little money then Sony Alpha a6000 will be your fantastic pick.

best video cameras for filming sports
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3. Canon VIXIA R700

During filming sports, if you need to go back and forth, zoom out and in and good light performance then Canon VIXIA R700 is one of the best camcorders. It has a nice compact size, so you can easily carry it and most importantly it is very budget-friendly. You can capture an object from far distance with fantastic 57x zoom and it provides 1080p HD video quality.

It has also image stabilization feature. The only negative side is that the video quality is not like DSLR. So if you have a low budget then you can choose Canon VIXIA R700. This feature makes it one of the best professional video camera for sports as well.

best video cameras for filming sports
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4. GoPro HERO Cameras

These are very popular best video cameras for filming sports, event (specifically water sports, extreme winter, motocross). So you can go with GoPro Cameras if you want a point-of-view camera angle. It has some features and you must go with Black or silver. Silver has a feature like waterproof, record 1080/240, 4k/30 video clips and can capture high megapixels photo. It can sync with the phone, has a touch display, video adornment and it can adjust with surroundings during the night and dark times. It has both high and low range prices. At a cheap rate, there is ‘regular’ GoPro HERO. There is also an older model at a low rate. So GoPro cameras are a good choice for sports.

GoPro HERO Cameras
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5. Olympus TG-4 ( Best Video Cameras for Filming Sports 2021)

It is a highly rated point-and-shoot camera. It has some great features like stability, shockproof (up to 7 feet), crush-proof (up to 220 Ibf.), waterproof (up to 50 feet), Freezeproof (down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit). There is also 1080p HD video quality, 16 megapixels live MOS sensor, excellent macro model, built-in WiFi, a high-speed F2.0 wide-angle lens and RAW capture.

The Olympus TG-4 is ideal for filming the outdoor game. So if you don’t need a point-of-view camera in a GoPro then you can pick up Olympus TG-4 for screening sports.

Olympus TG-4 ( Best Video Cameras for Filming Sports )
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6. Canon EOS Rebel T5

It is also the best professional video camera for sports. Some great features of it are 3.0” LCD screen, DIGIC 4 Image Processor, 18 megapixels CMOS (APS-C) image sensor and 1080p HD video resolution. It advance comes with a lens so you’re good to go in terms of extra apparatus also perhaps a tripod or case. So Canon EOS Rebel T5 is high rated pick by many. But if you want to invest more money then you continue reading a mirrorless camera or high-quality DSLR camera.

Canon EOS Rebel T5
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7. Olympus OM-D E-M10

It looks awesome and contains various features such as high-quality image stabilization (3-axis in-body), a collective viewfinder, 16 megapixels live MOS image sensor, 8 fps consecutive shooting, touches AF and shutter, built-in WiFi and nice autofocus (81 areas selectable). It has also 12 unique art filters which can you apply to what you catch. So it is excellent for filming quickly moving objects in sports like basketball, hockey, etc. It is a highly rated best video cameras for filming sports.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 is the best video cameras for filming sports
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8. Canon PowerShot SX720 HS

It is another amazing point-and-shoot video camera in the budget. It is one of the highest quality P.A.S cameras. Some features of it are 20.3 megapixels camera, 40x optical zoom, DIGIC 6 image processor, CMOS sensor, 1080p HD video quality, NFC connectivity, and built-in WiFi and appropriate pocket-size so you can carry easily.

Another cool feature is the mini highlight reel compiling function (add some music and effects as well). You can comfortably upload it wirelessly to other devices. There is ‘zoom Framing Assist’ so you can automatically zoom in and out. It also budget-friendly, so Canon PowerShot SX720 HS is a great option for filming sports.

 Canon PowerShot SX720 HS is the best professional video camera for sports
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9. Canon EOS 70D

The Canon EOS 70D is a different option from previously video cameras and high price ranges. It is horrible if you have cash. It offers excellent video quality and various features, some of them are 20.2 megapixels CMOS APS-C sensor, double pixel CMOS autofocus, DIGIC 5+ image processor (it can shoot continuously up to 70 frames/sec), 3.0” LCD screen, an extended ISO range technology, lighting condition adjustability, dual-layer metering (63 zones).

So if you want excellent video quality, autofocus and extra features (like HDR picture, multiple exposures, back-light moderate, creative filters, night time feature) then you can go with Canon EOS 70D.

Canon EOS 70D
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10. Sony NEX-VG30H

If you want professional and best video cameras for filming sports and you have some extra budget then you can buy a Sony NEX-VG30H. It is great for making video of fast spaced sports because you have to move back and forth. It has an autofocus system and image stabilization and it can set on your shoulder.

Some impressive features if it is it has an exchangeable lens that gives you more options, Exmor R CMOS sensor processor, high-quality zoom mode, 5.1-inch surround sound recording with capacity 60p frame rate and provide cinematic video quality. So Sony NEX-VG30H is a good option for the best professional video camera for sports.

 Sony NEX-VG30H
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Some Professional HD Video Cameras for Sports:

1. Cannon XA11/15 Compact Full HD Camcorder

If you are looking for a camcorder for making sports then it is a good option. The run-and-gun condition can involve shooting one scene from a wide-angle and compact close up in the next shoot. Some features of it 20x HD optical zoom lens, HD CMOS pro image sensor which provides low light performance, 1920×1080 recording, 3.0 inch LCD touch screen, DIGIC 4 image processor. It has two slots for SD/SDHC/SDXC cards and 2.5 mm stereo mini jack for remote control. The only issue is no WiFi connectivity. So it is a nice option for recording sports.

Cannon XA11
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2. Cannon XF200/205 – Pro camera

The main difference between XF200 and XF205 is XF205 has more connectivity options than XF200. They have a wide range of videography in sports. It has a 1/2.84 inch HD CMOS sensor which provides 1920×1080 resolution video recording, 20x HD optical zoom lens with the autofocus system and both optical and electronic (5 axes) image stabilization. XF205 has double band WiFi (5GHz and 2.4 GHz) option. You can connect wired networks and wireless routers. Dual CF card slots are also available.

Cannon XF200
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3. JVC GY-HM620

This lightweight camera is very well for sports. Some excellent features are 1/3 inch 12 bit CMOS sensors with 1920×1080 resolutions, 23x Fujinon autofocus zoom lens, optical image stabilization, both HD/SD-SDI and HDMI outputs, 3 position ND filter (1/4, 1/16, 1/64), 0.45 inch 1.22M pixel color viewfinder, 3.5-inch 920K pixel LCD display with focus assist. So this user-friendly camera can use in fast spaced sports for filming.

JVC GY-HM620 is the best video cameras for filming sports
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4. Panasonic AG HPX250

You can consider it as the best camcorder in the market’s current days. Some high-quality features are 22x zoom lens and wide-angle capability for DVX and HVX series, ultra-high refractive glass and aspheric component. We know Panasonic has CAC technology which decreases color bloody in the surrounding. It has zoom, focus, and iris three manual zooms. Optical image stabilization is also present. 1/3 type 2.2 Mp 3MOS sensor and low-noise performance are also available. It allows P2 cards, instead of SD cards to create a backup of clips. It is one of the best camcorder made by Panasonic.

Panasonic AG HPX250 is the best professional video camera for sports
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5. Canon XA30 & XA35 (Best Professional Video Camera for Sports)

The Canon’s compact “XA” line is of the best option for making a video in sports. Some features are 1/2.84” HD CMOS Pro sensor, wide DR mode, and highlight priority mode, 8.77cm OLED touchscreen. It has an f/1.8-2.8 lens, wide 26.8mm, 20x zoom optical feature. Dual format recording (HD AVCHD or MP4) is present. MP4 has fast and slow mode recording. There is built-in WiFi. With all these features it is one of the best video camera for recording sports and other events in the market.

Canon XA30
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6. Sony PMW-300 XDCAM

This semi shoulder camcorder is fine for wide range sports. With the help of a 3 ½ inch Exmor HD sensor, it offers excellent image quality. It has remote control capabilities, a wide range of 2/3 inch and ½ inch lenses and 2 autofocus zoom lens. 3.5 inch LCD viewfinder is great. It record video in 1920×1080 resolutions. Continuous video recording is an excellent option. So it is one of the best options for making a video. There’s no doubt that this camcorder earned its spot in our best video cameras for filming sports list.

Sony PMW-300 XDCAM
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The Sony HXR-NX5U NXCAM is undoubtedly one of the best camcorders in the market. It has excellent service under low light. It offers 1080×1920 video resolution with 24p, 30p and 60i recording option. 3 Exmor CMOS sensor gives optical stabilization, color reproduction, and large dynamic scope. It captures SD and HD videos in 2 formats AVCHD and MPEG. Glens are also available in this. There are zoom mode, 6 blade iris diaphragm, and GPS locator. 2 memory card slots are available. Other features are CD-quality audio, 128 GB flash memory, etc. So Sony HXR-NX5U NXCAM is an excellent option if you looking for camcorders for sports or other events.

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8. Sony PMW100 one XDCAM

The Sony PMW100 one XDCAM is one of the best cameras in the market at a cheap rate. It provides excellent video quality, outstanding adjustability, and flexibility. It is small and easy to carry. The Sony PMW100 one XDCAM also offers XDMI, XLR and SDI and its transfer speed is 50mb/sec. So it is your good pickup for recording sports at a cheap rate. It’s a great combination of affordability and power, and that’s exactly why it’s one of the best professional video camera for sports.

best professional video camera for sports
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9. Canon XA20

The Canon XA20 gives excellent quality image and sound so you can use it in recording sports. It is an ultra-compact camcorder with dual recording format. 1/2.84” HD CMOS Pro sensor has effective 2.91 pixels so it can perform well in low light, dynamic stunning range. It has a 20x zoom mode and wide-angle zoom mode. There is also OLED touchscreen, color production. DIGIC DV4 processor is a great feature with the excellent video quality. Dual memory card slots (SDHC/SDXC) are available. 3.5mm input jack and microphone offer fantastic audio service. So it a good choice of the video camera for sports.

best video cameras for filming sports
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10. Sony HVR-Z5U

The Sony HVR-Z5U is also a good option for the best video cameras for filming sports which can you use in different events. It has 20x ‘G’ zoom. It has a smaller lens size and has a good wide image range. The Sony HVR-Z5U also offers exposure control, iris control, image stabilization. Video quality is fantastic as well as excellent audio quality. A wide dynamic range and low light performance are also present.

best professional video camera for sports
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11. Canon XH-A1S 3CCD

The Canon XH-A1S 3CCD is also a nice pick up for the best professional video camera for sports. It has a 20x HD lens and provides an image at 1440 x 1080 pixels and great Optical image stabilization with autofocus. It made on the focus of the image, display adjustment, nine custom presets and two custom keys.

best professional video camera for sports
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In this article, we provide information regarding some of the best video cameras for filming sports. We also provided some professional video cameras or camcorders which can you use in sports as well as other events. Hope our information will help you to purchase the best professional video camera for sports.

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