how to increase ram on laptop

2 Ways on How To Increase RAM on Laptop Or PC?

Random Access Memory, popularly known as RAM, is one of the most integral part for laptop/PC. It determines the smooth functioning for your PC. Running out of sufficient amount of Ram is not recommended and it can always hamper you while performing a task on your laptop. Your PC slows down, many programs won’t open, and a warning sign will pop out as, “Insufficient Memory”. It has a direct impact on the performance as more the RAM, more your PC can perform programs and it will be able to run smoothly.

If you have insufficient RAM, a question will arise, ’Can I increase my RAM without buying one’. To answer your question, we would like to present you the fact that fortunately, you can increase the amount of RAM your PC has without actually buying one. So, let us show the different ways to increase RAM on laptop or PC for free.

Operate with A USB Flash Drive or SD Card

You can use a USB Flash drive to increase the RAM of your laptop. Let us take a example of ReadyBoost flash drive. It allows you to increase your PC RAM with the help of a USB drive or SD card. The functioning of ReadyBoost is by creating a Swap file on the USB drive or SD card.

This let them be avail as a memory cache. But it is benefited only in case of HDDs because their read and write speeds are comparatively slower as compared with USB drives or SD cards. On the other Hand, Solid state drives (SSDs) are quite fast to read and write.

To use RAM much faster than USB drives doesn’t make any sense of utilization. On the contrary, some worst-case scenario you will experience is decrease in performance.

Increasing Your Virtual Memory To Increase Your Random Access Memory (RAM)

An Additional way to increase RAM is by expanding your Virtual Memory. The main work of your Virtual memory is reducing the workload of RAM and by transferring the load to itself in order to let your PC perform smoothly.

Virtual Memory can be treated as a Virtual RAM. Increasing the amount of virtual memory means you are increasing your PC’s performance. Based on the amount of RAM, you can easily expand your virtual memory from 1.5 times to 4 times of your RAM.

For Example, If your PC has 4GB of RAM, you can make your virtual memory from a min. of 6GB to a max. of 16GB.

So, Now, when you have a idea about how to increase the RAM for free, Let us take a quick look on some other related Queries around the world.

how to increase ram on laptop

How Can I Increase My Laptops RAM?

You can two things. Firstly, you can buy a new RAM and replace it with the current one or add with it. You can Also go For Virtual Memory; it will not only reduce the load of your Ram but also make your PC’s performance much faster.

Does Increasing RAM Increase Laptop Speed?

To answer that Query, the Answer YES. Increasing RAM is directly proportional in increasing laptop’s speed. Some other methods are getting a faster CPU, SSD and GPU.


So, in todays time having a laptop with insufficient RAM is not less than a crime. It not only let your laptop perform in slow pace but also hampers your efficiency. To increase RAM , you can always go for a new and Bigger RAM or you can also by using USB flash drives and virtual Memory
So, that’s all for ‘How to increase RAM on laptop or PC’.

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