Why Is My Gaming Computer So Slow?

Why Is My Gaming Computer So Slow?

In this modern time, everybody plays games on PC and many people take this as their profession. If you ask a gamer that what is his nightmare, he will promptly say ‘A Slow Gaming PC’.

Gaming computers are meant to be fast and if it not, then it is totally not worth your time. In this article, we will share with you the actual reasons of your slow gaming pc and the solutions to fix it.

Reasons For Why Is My Gaming Computer So Slow?

1. Outdated Graphics Driver

Bumbled-up or outdated graphic drivers can let your gaming computer’s performance slow down. The outdated graphics driver crashes down your system resulting in an unhurried speed.

An outmoded graphics card driver can give you a poor gaming experience. Its performance will be quite weak as compared to an updated one.

You should download the latest graphics card optimizer. it will optimize the graphics card performance until it cant handle the performance of the games smoothly.

Drivers can also be the reason for your slow gaming computer.

2. Intense Heating or Overheating

One of the common reason of a slow gaming computer is overheating. Popular and demanding gmes require lot of power to perform smoothly.

And when PC runs especially under heavy load, it generated a lot of heat. And under such circumstances, if your cooling system is not good and your hardware stops functioning after reaching a certain temperature, the performance will automatically drop.

3. Shortage of RAM

A PC depend much on the amount RAM installed. RAM decides its performance under heavy load. Lower the Ram, Higher the chances of your PC getting slow. In the context of gaming, Slow hardware means slow performance.

Or it might be the amalgamation of both CPU and GPU causing a congestion negative impact on PC’s performance. A gaming PC with Powerful hardware but insufficient RAM is worthless.

Solutions To Why Is My Gaming Computer So Slow?

Why Is My Gaming Computer So Slow?

1. Keep the Driver UpToDate

Keep your Drivers Updated to the latest version. In most of the cases, this resolves the performance problem. Outdated drivers can crash the system leading to a slow down of your PC’s performance.

But what if the problem occurs with the latest drivers? Simply abolish the driver updates. The solution works perfectly for messed-up drivers. You either update or abolish the drivers.

2. Solve the Overheating Problem

There are numerous reasons for your gaming computer getting overheated. Overheating means your PC is definitely struggling to perform and thus it will Lag or Slow Down. High temperatures cause massive drops in order to perform and reduce the temperature. One of its solution is to get a heating analyser so that it can analyse and reduce the temperature accordingly. Sometime even dirt plays a role in heating your computer as it doesn’t give ample space for the hot air to pass and also makes it difficult for the cool air to come in. So always keep your PC clean and tidy.

3. Sufficiency Of RAM

Increasing the RAM means increasing the performance and lowing the chance of slowing down. Increasing to a larger amount always has a immersible effect on performance. Different games have different RAM requirement, try getting an new and enough hardware (RAM) that fulfils allow the recommended requirements of game that you want to play.


It is easy to fix a slow computer because you just need to swap out the hardware for newer and faster ones. There is also the option of optimising the software and hardware changes. The above problems are not the only issues but those are the common ones. The good news is that all these solutions work.

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