how to use laptop as a monitor for ps4

How To Use Laptop As A Monitor For PS4?

Play station 4 also known as PS4 is a popular home video game console developed to play various games on a single machine. Although one has to connect it to either TV, PC or a laptop to use the screen as a monitor for PS4.

Now the question arises how to connect it to a TV or a laptop? User manuals or guides of the PS4 won’t include this part, right? If you are also having the same question then this guide will help you out. There are a few methods discussed below which undoubtedly will clear your confusion regarding how to use laptop as a monitor for PS4.

1. Using HDMI Input – How To Use Laptop As A Monitor For PS4?

One of the easiest method to use laptop as monitor for PS4 is by using HDMI input. Every laptop now-a-days has an HDMI input. It’s a connectivity port to connect various external peripherals to the computer.

 For using this method you just need a HDMI cable to connect between Laptop and PS4. Just follow the steps below

  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the input slot of the laptop
  • Connect other end of the cable to the console output of the PS34
  • After connection, a menu of PS3 will appear on the laptop screen
  • Open the console software and choose the game you want to play

2. Using an External Video Device:

An external video device is a box that has many inputs and outputs. This video device only acts a bridge between your PS4 and the laptop.

 For using this method you need an HDMI cable and a high-quality video capture device. If you don’t have these equipment’s you can easily buy them from any online store. Follow the steps below.

  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the PS4 console output.
  • Connect another end of the HDMI cable to the input of video device
  • Also Connect the video device to your laptop via Bluetooth
  • Later open the PS4 menu on the laptop and select a game 

3. By File Sharing:

If you want hassle free connection without any tangling wires then you can opt for this method. This is a wireless technique to get your PS4 connect to a laptop. First of all you need a common router that will connect both PS4 and laptop. For establishing this connection follow these steps

  • Go to internet setting of PS4
  • Connect the PS4 through the internet via Wi-Fi 
  • Enter the password if any

In case your PlayStation doesn’t support a wireless connection then you have to use a Ethernet cable or Bluetooth cable for transferring files. Then follow the below mentioned steps 

  • Connect both the PS4 and the laptop to the same router by Ethernet cable or by Bluetooth cable
  • Make sure the USB slot is same as the one PS4 uses for gaming controllers
  • After connection is established transfer your files
  • Open your files of the console on the laptop and choose a game

4. Using a Capture Card – How To Use Laptop As A Monitor For PS4?

Another useful method for connecting PS4 to laptop is by using a capture card.  But remember to respond very quickly or else there will be some latency.  Subsequently you will not be able to play some games. The Capture Card is a costly option and it also requires other peripherals like CD-ROM and RCA composite cable. Later you will be able to play games on the large screen. Follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Insert external video capture card in your laptop
  • Insert CD-ROM in your hard disk drive
  • Install software for identifying drivers of games
  • Install video editing or viewing application
  • Connect capture card to the PS4 with an RCA composite cable of the PS4
  • Next open the video application
  • Turn on the console to see all the options on the large screen

5. By Internet via FTP:

how to use laptop as a monitor for ps4

This method is little bit difficult if you are not experienced in handling such equipment’s and software. Before using this method make sure that your firmware is cracked.

For using this method you need software for both your laptop and console. Follow the below mentioned steps to continue with this process.

  • Install the FTP server on your console. After activation you will get remote access to the files. 
  • Install FTP client on your laptop to get remote access to it
  • Go to settings and then connect to the internet
  • Enter password if required and then on the joystick click the cross-test connection. The IP address will be assigned automatically to the gaming console. 
  • Open settings and then write IP address, mask, gateway, and DNS server.
  • Go to the application on the console that is specified for activating the launch of the FTP server.
  • Open the FTP client on the laptop and write the IP address again to connect it.
  • Transfer the files you need and then you can disconnect the device.


So these are the various methods which you can follow to connect your PS4 to a laptop or PC or TV. Some methods might be little difficult to work out but they worth it. Enjoy your gaming time. So, this was all about how to use laptop as a monitor for ps4 with hdmi.

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