how to connect laptop to samsung smart tv

How to Connect Laptop to Samsung Smart TV?

In this article, we are going to discuss with you on how to connect laptop to samsung smart tv wirelessly.

Who doesn’t loves to watch their favourite movie or web series on a large screen? A regular screen of a laptop cannot provide the level of entertainment you get on a TV. No wonder you can buy a large screen monitor but why spend extra if you have a Smart TV at home.
For this purpose, you’ll need to connect both your laptop and TV to the same internet connection.

How To Connect Laptop To Samsung Smart TV Wirelessly?

No one loves a mess with wires, correct? For a simple connection between the two devices you simply have to download the Samsung Smart TV wireless application. Later you’ll have the option to display your contents from the laptop to your TV. 

Pairing the devices via Smart View

Follow the below-mentioned steps to pair the laptop with Samsung TV

  • Launch the Samsung smart TV app that you have previously downloaded
  • Switch on the TV that has a parallel connection to the laptop
  • Go to the settings of your laptop and click on external devices, then click connect to TV
  • Select the smart TV and choose the display by entering the pin
  • click on add content then you’ll get the option of importing files to display on the TV screen
  • After setup play the file you like

How to establish the connection via Smart Hub?

To connect your laptop to a smart TV via Smart Hub requires downloading all the share applications. Using these applications you can easily convert the DLNA server and finally mirror the laptop to the smart TV. Browse the content to display on the TV and enjoy. 

Setting up the Laptop

  • Firstly ensure that both the laptop and the smart TV are connected to the same network.
  • Open the windows media player
  • Go on to the stream menu and then turn on the streaming option
  • Click on the Smart TV option and then grant access to the Smart Hub from your laptop. 
  • Open file explorer and select the content you want to display on the TV

Setting up the connection for Samsung Smart Hub

  • On the Samsung Smart TV click on the menu from remote. 
  • Select all share settings and then find the content sharing from the main menu
  • Identify your laptop and then grant access to pair it. Grant access for playing any audio or video.
  • Click on the Smart Hub tab and then select the option of remote TV
  • from the Smart Hub tab select the photos and music options
  • finally, choose the media file you want to play from the laptop

Establishing the connection via Chromecast

For this method of connecting your laptop to a Samsung Smart TV, you need the Plug-in device to act as a receiver. With the latest generation’s Smart TV’s one gets more comprehensive connection options.

The Chromecast lets you play any music or videos from not only the laptop but other sharing sites too. For this method, you’ll need a dongle to connect to the power source

Follow the steps below

  • from the Chromecast choose the setup 
  • Plug the power outlet with the smart TV and then enable the connection from the Chromecast.
  • Ensure that you are using the latest version of chrome or else be prepared to face some issues.
  • in chrome, you’ll get an option to cast from the menu icon
  • finally, there will be a cast icon on the corner of the screen where there will be options for screen mirroring from the smart TV

With this method there comes a few drawbacks. You will not be able to get a 4K view and this method is a paid option. 

How to connect an Apple laptop with smart TV?

how to connect laptop to samsung smart tv

For this method ensure that your smart TV is compatible with ios devices. Choose the Airplay option and check the compatibility of the devices. As far Airplay is compatible with Apple TV and Airplay 2-enabled devices. With the Airplay you can easily mirror the laptop on your TV screen. Follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Firstly ensure that you have connected both your laptop and TV to the same network.
  • open the Airplay application and choose to stream
  • using the playback controls choose the screen mirroring option
  • select the file you want to play


This was a handy guide on how to connect laptop to samsung smart tv. There are various other methods like Bluetooth and USB options. These methods are simple and effective if your Smart TV is compatible with both of them. 

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