how to fix overheating laptop

How To Fix Overheating Laptop? – Discussed in Details

In this detailed guide, I’m going to discuss with you how to fix overheating laptop?

Day by day, laptops are becoming more proficient and robust to excel in everyday work. Such capability in modern laptops is possible only because of immensely dense chips packed with transistors. Despite an increase in the power of the laptop’s processor and the graphics, modern laptops are becoming compact too. All the features will be at your disposal, but at the expense of the heating issue. 

Overheating is always destructive for your laptop as it causes severe damage to crucial parts and sometimes permanent hardware failure. So to add a few years to your laptop’s lifespan you should immediately figure a way out. 

How To Know Your Laptop is Overheating?

Overheating doesn’t only mean your laptop feels hot but along with it when its performance becomes sluggish and the fan runs continuously at maximum speed to cool down the high temperature, you should understand that it’s the case of overheating. 

When your CPU gets overheated it starts cut downs on clock speed which in turn slows down the performance of the laptop. Once it reaches optimum temperature, the fail-safe software shuts down the system to prevent any damage to the hardware.

What Causes Overheating?

The salient reason behind the overheating of your laptop is insufficient cooling. This happens due to blocked airflow vents or distorted thermal paste. The problem is further aggravated by the clogged-up fans and less efficient cooling technique of the laptop. 

Besides hardware, the problem of overheating could also be created due to some software or malware

How To Fix An Overheating Laptop Without Taking it Apart?

Sometimes the laptop heats up without any heavy task performed on it. This is a minor problem and will go away with a few software fixes. 

Open the Task Manager and Resource Monitor to cut down all the unnecessary applications that are goofing up with the processor. Moreover, some processes load up with Windows automatically, you can limit them out. 

A laptop software like “Process Explorer”, helps you to see detailed CPU usage. You can install it to justify what you have to get rid of and what processes to reserve. 

There are some free applications like Speccy and CoreTemp that allow monitoring live CPU temperature. 

How To Prevent or Fix Overheating Laptop?

First of all, remember to ground yourself to prevent your internal sensitive components from getting damaged due to static electricity. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Disconnect the laptop power and switch off the laptop. Remove the battery after that. (note that some laptops have a separate processor and fan component whereas in some notebooks to access the fan you need to take out the whole motherboard)
  2. With the help of a suitable screw-driver unscrew the back panel of your laptop. If you haven’t cleaned it for a long time then you could see all the clutter inside which was causing the problem of overheating. 
  3. Unscrew the heatsink and take it out. Disconnect the fan connector and also pull it out. If both the fan and heatsink are interconnected take them out, separate them as they are connected using tiny screws. Split or disassemble them as much a possible. 
  4. For cleaning purposes, you can use a long hairbrush or a vacuum cleaner, or compressed air to remove the dust. After the first round of cleaning use cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl solution to wipe out the remaining dirt from the inner walls. 
  5. Clean the air vents and other parts still present inside the laptop.
  6. Prepare the heatsink from scratch and apply the thermal paste just before fixing it on the processor. 
  7. Screw the fan in its place and put everything back as it was. 

Thus with these simple steps, your problem of overheating should drop by a huge percent. 

Some Tips For Lowering Down Laptop Temperature

how to fix overheating laptop

If you use your laptop on a bed or a carpet the air vents get blocked thus increasing the temperature of your laptop dramatically. 

In case the problem of overheating is unbearable you could invest in a cooling pad. A cooling pad is built to normalize laptop temperature for prolonged hours of usage. 


I hope the above guide helped your problem on how to fix overheating laptop? Take utmost care while assembling the laptop as it is not so easy for first-timers. 

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